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Constituents tell senators to stop standing in the way of unemployment insurance

Check out some of the hundreds of recent comments posted on the Facebook pages of Senator Dan Coats and Senator Rob Portman.

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  • Senator Kirk gets an earful on Facebook

    Supporters of renewing unemployment insurance took to the senator's Facebook page to express their disappointment at his vote.

    Check out some of the comments that Senator Kirk's constituents left on his page.

  • OFA-Illinois to Sen. Kirk: Don't leave Americans out in the cold

    Senator Mark Kirk broke his promise to restore unemployment insurance benefits.

    Senator Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) went back on his word when he voted against reinstating unemployment insurance benefits for long-term unemployed Americans. Now, OFA is letting him know that he made the wrong choice for Americans—and for Illinoisans.

  • Unemployment insurance matters

    Still searching for a job, Erin explains why hardworking Americans need Congress to act.

    Until last June, I never gave unemployment insurance a second thought. Now, after seven months of looking for a job, I struggle every day with Congress’ failure to act.