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No place for hate

It's more important than ever that we speak out against this ugly ideology.

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News Entries in organizing for action

  • Fulfilling the Promise in Tucson

    Organizers all over the country are working to make sure everyone has the tools and skills to make their voices heard. Read the latest from Arizona.

    When it comes to making a difference in your own community, on issues big and small, you don't have to feel like you're sitting on the sidelines.

    Across the country, OFA volunteers are focused on Fulfilling the Promise, community organizing projects started by local OFA chapters to improve their communities on a local level.

    Read how this OFA chapter in Tuscan is working to save a vital youth education program from budget cuts.

  • This is worth investing in

    This is worth investing in

    More than half a million people own a piece of what we're building.

    The holiday season is an amazing time to see people at their best. The kindness of people coming together and generosity toward others sets December apart.

    It's a time to chip in and support a great cause too. So many great groups across the country are worth your time and money—I hope you consider OFA among them. Take a moment to invest in this grassroots movement—chip in whatever you can today.

  • Now accepting: 2015 Spring Fellowship applications

    Now accepting: 2015 Spring Fellowship applications

    If you know a current or future community organizer, tell them to apply.

    The OFA Fellowship Program is all about giving organizers at all experience levels the tools needed to go out and make a difference in their communities.

    Whether you're a seasoned organizer or just getting your feet wet, this fellowship will make you better at what you do—guaranteed.

  • President Obama: "Will you commit to finish what you started with OFA?"

    If you're not done fighting for change, add your name.

    "Two years: That's all the time I have left as your president.

    I know what I'm going to be fighting for until I leave this office.

    And the work you do now with OFA -- whatever it is that you choose to fight for -- will define what we can achieve together in that time."

    The President's message to OFA:

  • Add your name—refuse to be cynical

    President Obama put it this way: "Cynicism is a choice—and hope is a better choice."

    It's easy to get discouraged about our chances of making progress. After all, this has been the least productive Congress in modern history, thanks to some extreme voices in the House who seek gridlock.Today, in spite of that, I'm asking you not to be cynical—because that only makes those voices stronger.

  • A little perspective (and a free gift)

    So where should we send this sticker?

    The other day, someone came up to me and said, "Remember Sarah Palin's death panels?"

    Five years ago, some folks were saying our chances of passing health care reform were destroyed—except that isn't what happened at all. When Washington insiders decided the fight was over, people like you refused to believe it, and kept on organizing.

  • So, this just happened

    They actually went through with it.

    Speaker John Boehner and House leaders just voted to sue President Obama—for doing his job. Of all the things the House could actually vote on before they leave for a 5-week break, this is what they decided to do.

  • Mic drop from President Obama

    John Boehner just has to be kidding.

    This week, our Speaker of the House, John Boehner, announced he's planning to sue President Obama over the executive actions he's taken as president. Yes, you read that right. Well, here's what President Obama had to say about it.