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Take a deep breath. Then take action.

It's troubling to see years of progress and hard work on the line, but here's how community organizers get through it: We take action.

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  • Our path forward

    Gerrymandering has held us back for far too long—we have a chance to change that.

    Former President Obama calls on all of us to join the fight for a fair democracy. Read on and learn what you can do to defend our most basic democratic rights.

  • Walk, talk, vote

    This National Voter Registration Day, Bradley Whitford discusses the importance of civic engagement, and how we'll build a fair democracy.

    "In a good democracy, whether it's in real life or on a TV show, the power of the people is stronger than that of lobbyists and special interests."

  • No place for hate

    It's more important than ever that we speak out against this ugly ideology.

    Neo-Nazis and white supremacists descended on Charlottesville this weekend to push their vile message of bigotry and hate. Their violence left many injured, and one woman dead.

  • Diplomacy Works

    On July 14, 2015, we signed a historic deal that blocked every pathway Iran had to a nuclear weapon. Two years later, even the current administration has certified that it's working.

    John Kerry reflects on the enormous success of the Iran Deal in halting Iran's nuclear weapons program -- and tells us why we must defend the historic agreement.

  • We have a voting problem in America

    This administration is willing to go to extreme lengths to collect the information it needs to lay the groundwork for voter suppression.

    We have to fight back against anything that makes voting harder—whether it's extreme identification requirements, voter intimidation, or new and extreme voter registration processes. Say you'll get involved.

  • "Voter Fraud"

    The administration's recent executive order is an attempt to curb voting rights and roll back the progress we've won through decades of hard work.

    It's only been 54 years since I marched with my brothers and sisters from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

    It's only been 54 years since we were jailed, beaten, and killed for trying to cast a vote. For trying to participate in democracy, in the United States of America.

    This isn't ancient history. It's the experience of my life.

  • Defending Obamacare: Two months in

    OFA organizers, trainers, and volunteers had a busy February as they work to channel the passion and energy across the country to save Obamacare from repeal and dismantlement.

    February flew by in a flurry of action, training, and new engagement in order to defend Obamacare from repeal and dismantlement by opponents in Congress. Check out the latest wrap-up of what OFA organizers, trainers, and volunteers have been up to as they work to save the law that's helping tens of millions of Americans.

  • Make recess count

    Members of Congress are on recess and back in their home districts this week. If you're planning to meet with them, we've got a guide to help you out.

    If you're planning to attend a community meeting with your elected officials this week while Congress is on recess, do it right—check out OFA's Recess Toolkit to help you make the biggest impact.

  • We're training the next generation of change-makers

    Here's how OFA is helping students turn their passion into action.

    We don't just need to make a difference today. This movement needs to strengthen the pipeline of talent that will lead to change tomorrow.

    We need to keep empowering people to turn their passion and energy into action.

    And that's exactly what we're doing.

  • Build this movement up

    Your support makes change possible. If we care about the progress we've made, we've got to step it up.

    We'll be facing some difficult challenges in the coming months, but I'm more fired up than ever to defend the progress we've fought so hard for.

    Why? Because I'm incredibly proud of all we've accomplished together, and I know we're not done yet. Rolling up our sleeves is not a foreign concept for OFA organizers and supporters. And the momentum is growing.

    Be a part of this.

  • A message to OFA supporters: We're not backing down

    A message to OFA supporters: We're not backing down

    The fight on key issues just got really tough. We need you—now more than ever.

    Last week, OFA Advisory Board member Jeremy Bird sent a message to OFA supporters on the fights ahead. If we've learned anything as organizers, it's that when our hard-earned progress is threatened, we can't get discouraged. We cannot walk away.

  • Take OFA’s What’s Next survey

    Take a few minutes to complete the What’s Next survey, a short questionnaire to OFA supporters what they want to do going forward.

    Thanks to OFA supporters pushing for lasting change on the local and national levels, we’ve been able to make big strides in tackling some of our nation’s most important issues. But this work is far from over, and feedback from our supporters matters in determining what’s ahead.

    Today, we’re launching the What’s Next survey, a short questionnaire that will help us gather information on what supporters want to do going forward, as they share their thoughts on where we’ve been and where we’re going.

  • It’s President Obama’s birthday!

    Share your favorite memory from this movement.

    Today, the President turns 55. Show your appreciation for the movement he’s been such a huge part of—tell us your favorite memory of the Organizer-in-Chief.

  • Celebrate the President’s birthday—and remember the movement's achievements

    President Obama is celebrating his 55th birthday this week. Let’s take a look back on all that this movement has accomplished.

    This Thursday, the President turns 55, and it’s the last birthday he’s celebrating in office. This movement has accomplished so much, from providing health care to millions of Americans to making marriage equality the law of the land. Show the President your appreciation—sign OFA’s birthday card.

  • 125 days—and no hearing

    President Obama did his job and nominated Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Senate leaders still haven't done theirs. In U.S. history, no other nominee (who hasn't been withdrawn) has gone this long without a vote.

    Judge Garland is a well qualified Supreme Court nominee who has received bipartisan support in the past. Senate leaders' refusal to do their jobs and give him a hearing is unacceptable. Speak up if you agree it's past time for them to act.

  • Want to meet President Obama? Here's your chance.

    OFA is launching a new contest giving one lucky OFA supporter the chance to tell President Obama which of this movement's accomplishments mean the most to them.

    This summer, OFA organizers around the country are looking ahead to this movement's future. This is a crucial time to prepare for the fights to come, but also a time to take stock of all we've accomplished together.

    As part of that reflection, we're giving one lucky supporter the opportunity to talk to the Organizer-in-Chief himself about how far we've come.

  • President Obama: We should be proud of what we've achieved

    The President has committed to doing as much as he can to move forward on important issues and protect the progress we've already made—but he can't do it alone. Read his message to OFA supporters.

    It's because of people like you who have stepped up—in ways big and small—that progress over the past few years has been possible. And as we roll into the final months of President Obama's last term in office, it's going to be up to folks like you to help make sure we aren't held back by those trying to stop progress.

  • Eight isn't enough

    America needs a fully-functioning Supreme Court—speak up for a fair nomination process for Judge Merrick Garland.

    The Supreme Court rules on some of our country's most important legal cases. We can't let the judicial branch be crippled by the same partisan obstruction that's currently plaguing both houses of Congress.

    Learn why the country's most important judicial body needs to be at full strength with nine justices, and should not be allowed to sit with a vacancy for more than a single term.

    Then, add your name to an overwhelming majority of Americans who want a fair nomination process.

  • OFA organizers tell senators: Do your job

    Read how volunteers from around the country joined together to call for a fair Supreme Court nomination process.

    President Obama announced his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland. But Senate leaders are still refusing to even meet with him, using partisan politics to make excuses about not doing their jobs.

    OFA organizers have been speaking out with a message for their senators: Do your job. Earlier this month, volunteers gathered in 23 states for a day of action focused on the Supreme Court vacancy. Check out these stories from local events across the country as organizers continue to push for a path forward for President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.