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News Entries in mt

  • No Problem

    "I smile like Obama," says Betty C., 74, Neighborhood Team Leader for the Blackfeet Tribe. "He's always smiling." Betty backed the Presi

  • Committed

    Cindy C. is a volunteer for Obama in Anaconda, near Butte. When Barack Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention way back in 20

  • Support

    Fanchon S. is a fall fellow for the Obama campaign in Missoula "I never thought I would see a President of the United States come out in

  • Foreign Exchange

    From left, Lachy M., Ben C., Cuth S. and Bastiaan S. pose with an Obama cutout in the Bozeman Obama For America offices. Exchange studen

  • Bozeman's New NTLs

    From left, Debbie B., Dede T., and Kristin T. are now Neighborhood Team Leaders in Bozeman. "I am so excited for the Bozeman team to hav

  • Obamacare Fact, Not Fiction

    Amanda F. presents the facts about Obamacare at Monday night's community meeting in Bozeman. There are a lot of myths surrounding Obamac

  • We have tickets

    Watch and listen as President Obama makes his acceptance speech on September 6 at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte,

  • Stampede for Obama

    Helena Neighborhood Team Leader Beth M. assembled a team of Obama supporters to march alongside other local Democrats in Saturday's Last

  • Volunteer in your PJs

    Volunteers learn data entry skills on a recent evening at Bozeman's Obama For America office. Is coming all the way to a campaign offic

  • Change of Heart

    Karen W. is a Summer Fellow in Bozeman for Obama For America Karen W. voted for John McCain in 2008. Everyone expected her to. Her famil

  • Gearing Up

    Montana State Director Judith H. welcomes core team members to the new headquarters in Bozeman over the weekend. Montana core team membe

  • Farmer Fellow

    Ellie R. meets with a prospective volunteer during a recent Open House at the Missoula Obama For America headquarters Ellie R. first saw

  • The Worker Bee

    Carol K., Missoula Neighborhood Team Leader "I always called myself the worker bee," says Carol K., Missoula's Neighborhood Team Leader

  • Meet Judith

    Obama For America - Montana State Director Judith H., second from right, greeted supporters Saturday at the OFA office in Missoula. Miss

  • Montana Pride for Obama

    Greg S. is Director of AIDS Outreach in Bozeman. He describes himself as gay, HIV positive, a Rome-educated former priest, and a license