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  • Pledge to Vote

    Florida State Director Ashley Walker sent this message today: Florida starts voting in just 42 days. Are you fired up? If you're anythi

  • The Clock is Ticking

    Florida, the clock is ticking. The voter registration deadline is on October 9th, meaning it's less than a month away. Don't wait, visit

  • Check It

    Have you checked your voter registration status yet? Check it! Check Your Voter Registration

  • Now

    If you watched the President tonight there's no way you aren't excited and fired up for this election. I mean, let's be honest, this guy

  • fl-ofafl-090612

    Saturday: President Obama kicks off a two-day Florida bus tour. Find out where's he's going and get your ticket: OFA.BO/DiNPNp

  • Labor Day in Tampa

    Christopher and Ashley recently started their family in Tampa, and that's why President Obama is the choice for them. They used today's

  • Don't Wait!

    Did you know in Florida there's only 38 days left to register to vote? Don't wait!

  • Florida Day of Action

    Tomorrow while Republicans are talking in Tampa, our grassroots volunteers are getting to work with a statewide Day of Action. Get invol

  • A Real Plan

    Dr. Benjamin has always registered to vote as a Republican, but that didn't stop him from casting a ballot for Barack Obama in 2008. Dr.