OFA volunteers are making a difference in the fight to raise the wage

OFA volunteers are making a difference in the fight to raise the wage


Social Justice and Equality in America.

OFA volunteers across the country are pushing for an economy that gives everyone—not just a few at the top—a chance to succeed.

Our economy has made incredible progress over the past few years, but the federal minimum wage has remained the same. In fact, as of July 24, it hasn’t been raised in six years.

This year, our partners are working with members of Congress to introduce a bill that would raise the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour over a five-year period. A higher minimum wage would help boost earnings for 19 million Americans. In an economy that works for everyone, no one working a full-time job should have to live in poverty or be forced to choose between paying their rent and buying food for their family.

The bill would also allow the minimum wage to rise automatically in the future, so we don’t face this situation again.

Although it’s been six years since a federal bill has been passed, there’s been progress at a local level across the country. Seventeen states and 27 cities and counties have taken action to raise their minimum wages in the past few years. OFA volunteers have been organizing in support of reform in their own communities and are working to spread the message about how crucial it is to raise the minimum wage.

Total #OFAFellows event: @Nicknlhlz, @Sc_LvS @marcosmhand at phonebank to #RaiseTheWage organized by @k_amrith @OFA pic.twitter.com/XBzqfx3esV

— OFA CA (@OFA_CA) July 7, 2015

For instance, California volunteers have held phonebanks and participated in a Sacramento rally, encouraging people to show their support.

Your voice can also make a difference in moving our economy forward.

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Social Justice and Equality in America

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