Campaign Organizing Bootcamp

Campaign Organizing Bootcamp


Social Justice and Equality in America.

In this 5-part, self-guided training series, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and motivation you need to be an effective volunteer for a candidate or an issue that you care about. Please review the Introductory Guide to help you understand the purpose of the bootcamp, and the learning that will occur with each training. Check out our Trainer Guide for step-by-step logistics to help you prepare to host your own bootcamp.

Personal story/ Historia Personal(60 mins)

In this training you will: 1) Analyze the underlying reasons why engaging in persuasive conversations is difficult, both individually and interpersonally; 2) Apply the theory of Knowing Your Why to people you will talk to in your organizing work; and 3) Use the Challenge, Choice, Outcome, Ask framework to develop your personal story.

En este entrenamiento, usted aprenderá: 1) Como analizar las razones subyacentes por la cual tener conversaciones persuasivas es difícil; 2) Como aplicar la teoría de conocer su porqué con personas a la cual usted le hablara en su trabajo de organización; y 3) como utilizar el marco de desafío, elección, resultado y pedir para desarrollar su historia personal.

Persuasion Conversations (60 mins)

In this training you will: 1) Learn the framework for effective persuasion conversations; 2) Practice using the framework for talking to undecided voters, and 3) Feel motivated to apply the framework to your organizing work.

GOTV Conversations (45 mins)

In this training you will: 1) Internalize and apply the GOTV framework for effective conversations when talking to sporadic voters; 2) Examine GOTV best practices; and 3) Feel excited to implement these practices with voters in your community.

Staging Locations(60 mins)

In this training you will: 1) Identify and internalize best practices for running an effective staging location; 2) Recognize the importance of a well-run staging location for success; and 3) Feel prepared to lead a get-out-the-vote canvass in your community.

Digital Organizing(30 mins)

In this training you will: 1) Understand the unique role social media can play in sharing the story of your organizing online; and 2) Be able to tell the story of your work on social media.

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Social Justice and Equality in America

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