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  • @OFA_FL

    Rise and shine! Polls open across Florida at 7:00 a.m. local time today. Confirm your polling place now: http://OFA.BO/qjcsms

  • 36 votes

    In 2008, Barack Obama won Florida by 36 votes per precinct. What's the difference going to be this time? It's going to be that extra doo

  • @OFA_FL

    BREAKING: Miami-Dade Elections Department is open for voting today from 1pm-5pm. More information at: http://OFA.BO/KzLzZH

  • Last day to Early Vote

    Early this Saturday morning, Florida State Director Ashley Walker sent this message to supporters: Don't forget: Today is the last day t

  • “I wanted to do more”

    Angel didn't wait until Election Day to cast his ballot for President Obama in Jacksonville. How come? Because he is planning to be busy

  • It's November!

    Don't let the end of Early Voting sneak up on you. Take a minute to visit and find where to vote in Florid

  • You never know

    "I believe in President Obama. I believe in what he's done to promote women's rights and women's health. Health care, veterans benefits,

  • @MichelleObama

    Early voting has begun in Florida. Find your voting location now! http://OFA.BO/FeEtMU

  • Amplify your voice

    Early Saturday morning hundreds of people gathered outside the Supervisor of Elections office in Gainesville to be some of the first peo

  • Go vote

    Earlier today President Obama sent this message to supporters in Florida. Are you ready to vote? Early voting kicks off across the state

  • Florida: Vote Early

    The time to make your voice heard in Florida is now. Early Voting starts today—find where to vote: Share o