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The road to equality

Today, as we celebrate the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, we're looking ahead to all that still needs to be accomplished to ensure women in this country are truly treated as equal.

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  • An important anniversary for women's rights

    Today is the 95th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

    To my grandmother, Evelyn, and to all of those who fought for women's rights: Thank you. To all of us who carry their torch forward, now is not the time to let up.

  • Love wins

    Today, history was made as bans against same-sex marriage were struck down nationwide.

    This morning, the Supreme Court ruled today that in the eyes of the law, love is love in all 50 states—regardless of who you are or whom you love.

    Excited about today's Supreme Court ruling? Me too.

    Make no mistake—we're here today because of people like you who fought long and hard to challenge prejudice, change hearts and minds, and overturn discriminatory laws.

    This is something we can all be proud of.

  • Proud to fight

    "The fact that we've come so far is exactly why we can't let up now."

    After years of struggles, setbacks, and resistance, we are making progress towards winning the fight for LGBT equality. But there's still more to do.

  • Here come the grooms

    This Valentine’s Day, some couples in Florida have something extra special to celebrate.

    On January 6th, Florida's ban on same-sex marriage ended, allowing Dylan and Nick—after years in a committed and loving relationship—to get married in the company of their family and friends.

    This is their story—and the reason why we're not going to stop fighting for marriage equality until it's the law in all 50 states.

  • This is about basic dignity—add your name if you agree

    It's about time that the law reflects that across the country.

    The future of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which passed the Senate last year, is in House Speaker John Boehner's hands—and his strategy is to refuse to call a vote, in what appears to be a desperate attempt to stop the wave of progress toward LGBT equality.

  • A victory for marriage equality in Nevada

    State government officials declared Nevada's anti-gay marriage laws "no longer defensible."

    Nevada’s move is the latest domino to fall as courts around the country continue to rule that anti-same sex marriage legislation is unconstitutional and cannot be supported.

  • The path to victory in Illinois

    This is how you fight for marriage equality.

    Victory! Such a sweet and beautiful feeling after months of phone calls, canvassing, and boots-on-the-ground activism. This is how we did it.