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  • Another manufactured crisis

    Once again, extreme voices in Congress are using the budget debate to play a costly and irresponsible political game.

    There's a lot going on right now, but we can't lose track of this: As of today, Congress has just nine days left to avoid another government shutdown.

  • Add your name in support of overtime

    Today, only 8 percent of full-time salaried workers qualify for overtime. It's time to change that.

    Forty years ago, 62 percent of full-time salaried workers qualified for overtime. Today, only 8 percent qualify.

    Check out President Obama's proposal to expand overtime protections to millions of Americans and add your voice today.

  • Support fair overtime protections

    President Obama's proposal to update overtime protections would benefit millions of Americans in the workforce—especially women.

    Working overtime means spending time away from families and kids.

    That’s a real sacrifice, and it’s only fair that the parents that do so are fairly compensated.

    Earlier this year, the Obama Administration announced a proposal to update overtime rules. Read how the proposal would impact nearly five million additional American workers and what OFA supporters are doing to help.

  • Nearly 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day

    One of the best measures of a country is how it treats its older citizens. That's a challenge for America, but it's one our country can and should meet.

    Nearly 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day.

    That works out to more than a quarter million each month.

    One of the best measures of a country is how it treats its older citizens.

    That's a challenge for America, but it's one our country can and should meet.

    We must build on the progress we've already made to make sure that we safeguard the opportunity to retire for every American.

  • OFA volunteers are making a difference in the fight to raise the wage

    It’s been nearly six years since the minimum wage was last raised. Join the fight to move this issue forward.

    While our economy has made incredible progress over the past few years, the federal minimum wage has remained the same. In fact, as of July 24, it hasn’t been raised in six years.

    We need to push for an economy that gives everyone—not just a few at the top—a chance to succeed.

    OFA volunteers have been organizing in support of reform in their own communities and are working to spread the message about how crucial it is to raise the minimum wage.

  • Speak up for better overtime protections

    President Obama's proposal will extend overtime protections to nearly five million workers.

    Paying people fairly for the work they do is a pretty basic principle. But over the last few decades, fewer and fewer workers have been protected.

    Even as our economy has recovered from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression—with 64 consecutive months of private-sector job growth—wages for middle class Americans haven’t kept up with our growing economy and productivity.

    That's in large part because our overtime rules are way out of date.

  • For millions of Americans, 2015 just started with good news

    In 20 states, a minimum wage increase just took effect.

    On January 1st, millions of hard-working Americans got a much-deserved raise, when minimum wage increases went into effect in 20 states. And several big cities and the District of Columbia will join them later this year.

    This progress is the result of hard-fought battles. Without the dedicated work of grassroots organizers across the country, we wouldn't be celebrating this news today.

  • Do you like the internet? Sign this petition

    The President is fighting for net neutrality—you should, too.

    What President Obama did yesterday is a big deal for anyone who uses the internet. (Hi!)

    The concept of a free and open internet has been part of the whole deal from the beginning.

    He's urging the Federal Communications Commission to protect net neutrality—the principle that all web traffic should be treated the same, and not controlled by providers.

    If you think a free and open internet is a good thing, sign our petition to tell the FCC you stand with President Obama's plan to protect net neutrality.

  • One thing I hope you didn't miss in Tuesday's results

    Voters across the country took a decisive stand on raising the minimum wage.

    Americans in Arkansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois, and Alaska all took a decisive stand on raising the minimum wage.

    In every state where voters were asked about raising the minimum wage, they stood overwhelmingly in support.

    The fight for change has never been easy—that's not news to any of us. But this work matters, and what we do now has never mattered more.

  • One year later

    What happened last October, what OFA did to make sure it didn't again.

    Think back at what was happening exactly one year ago today. You're the reason we're not going back.

  • States and cities continue to raise the minimum wage

    Despite a lack of action in Congress, progress is being made around the country.

    Thanks to lawmakers standing in the way in Congress, we haven't raised the federal minimum wage in more than five years. The good news is that states, local governments, and leaders throughout the country aren't waiting.

  • Your name belongs on this

    Want to expand economic opportunity? Go on the record.

    When you go on the record, your support will be listed alongside hundreds of thousands of OFA supporters —that way you, your members of Congress, and anyone with an internet connection can see that you stand for economic opportunity.

  • Why is June’s jobs report such a big deal?

    Hint: This kind of job creation hasn’t been seen in almost 15 years.

    For the last 52 months we’ve seen steady job creation, according to the monthly reports by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And in June we hit some important milestones. It's good news for hard-working Americans, but there’s still more work to do.