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Want to meet President Obama? Here's your chance.

OFA is launching a new contest giving one lucky OFA supporter the chance to tell President Obama which of this movement's accomplishments mean the most to them.

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News Entries in contest

  • Win a trip to Hawaii

    How about a Hawaiian vacation—on OFA?

    The truth is organizing is happening everywhere. Hawaii is one of the states making great strides on progressive issues. Celebrate that progress in person—enter today to win a free trip.

  • Meet President Obama

    The deadline is tonight

    Do you want to have your moment with President Obama? Flight and hotel for you and a guest are on us, but you have to enter before midnight.

  • Want to meet President Obama?

    This could be your chance. Find out how.

    We each have our own reason for getting involved in the fight for progress. Share yours, and you'll be automatically entered to win a trip to Washington, D.C., to meet the President.