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Marching for clean power

Read how a group of organizers set out to change the hearts and minds of the American people on climate change.

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  • Yumi believes in DREAMers

    Working with OFA helped her realize the power of we.

    Yumi is familiar with the experience of being an immigrant—her passion for helping DREAMers stems from painful periods in her own life. Read her story.

  • Rewired

    An organizer in the west shares how she starts the conversation—and keeps it going!

    Meet Shirley.

    She's one of OFA’s Regional Digital Co-leads.

    She was an active protester in the 1960s and 70s.

    An organizer all her life, her work with OFA is a new chapter in her organizing career.

    Now she's helping run the digital programs for an entire region of the country.

    Read why she has no intention of slowing down.

  • Lydia

    Lydia, a 26-year-old nursing student in Las Cruces, is working hard to re-elect President Obama. She's getting out the vote by making ca

  • Familia: Ana and Her Girls

    In Anthony, New Mexico, just north of the Mexican border, Ana and her familia are working hard to get out the vote for Barack Obama: “I

  • Jalmeen: On the front lines

    Jalmeen (far right), a phone bank captain, hosting one of many phone banks in her McLean home. In a quiet Northern Virginia suburb, Jalm

  • Kal Penn’s Favorite Boss

    You may have seen Kal Penn on How I Met Your Mother, House, 24, The Namesake or in the Harold and Kumar movies. But you could just as ea

  • The American Dream

    Photo: Han Nguyen My journey to America started two generations before I was born. At the turn of the last century, my grandfather fough

  • Dan: Building America

    Dan is a neighborhood team leader in Sterling, Virginia. On the afternoon that she became a citizen of the United States, Dan Lloyd’s ne

  • One in 2 million

    A few months ago, Fred made his first-ever contribution to a political campaign, becoming Obama 2012's 2 millionth donor. Then he got th

  • Cato June: In It to Win It.

    Last weekend, Cato June, All-Pro and Superbowl winner, came to New Mexico with one goal – supporting President Obama and getting people