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Here’s what you told us

We asked OFA supporters about the direction you want to take this organization—and this is what you said.

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News Entries in grassroots fundraising

  • This is worth investing in

    This is worth investing in

    More than half a million people own a piece of what we're building.

    The holiday season is an amazing time to see people at their best. The kindness of people coming together and generosity toward others sets December apart.

    It's a time to chip in and support a great cause too. So many great groups across the country are worth your time and money—I hope you consider OFA among them. Take a moment to invest in this grassroots movement—chip in whatever you can today.

  • Mic drop from President Obama

    John Boehner just has to be kidding.

    This week, our Speaker of the House, John Boehner, announced he's planning to sue President Obama over the executive actions he's taken as president. Yes, you read that right. Well, here's what President Obama had to say about it.

  • Want a free trip?

    Come celebrate with OFA in Chicago.

    On President Obama's birthday, OFA is hosting an open house to mark the incredible success of health care reform. Don't wait—get your name in the hat to be part of the celebration.

  • The Koch brothers' game plan

    Hint: It includes untraceable donations.

    They've spent millions to fund climate change denial ... and they're just getting started.

    Help take on the Koch brothers' anti-climate campaign—chip in $5 or more today before our June fundraising deadline.

  • Something very exciting is about to happen

    We're getting incredibly close to an amazing grassroots milestone.

    I don't care how much money or power the special interests on the other side have. They don't have a movement. To me, that's what reaching a milestone like this one represents: 500,000 people who are there to get your back in this fight.

  • You could win a chance to meet James Taylor

    Get your name in the running to fly to Chicago next month to be at this concert.

    When James Taylor plays an outdoor concert in Chicago next month, two VIP backstage tickets will be reserved for OFA supporters like you.

  • Get your name on the OFA Donor Wall

    Chip in $5 or more right now to help work for change.

    When you make a donation this week, we'll recognize your commitment on our famous OFA Donor Wall—an always-growing symbol of how our movement is built one donation at a time.

  • This is some sick crap

    Do you ever get the sense that some of the folks on the other side are living in an alternate universe?

    If I had one thing to say to the Koch brothers, it'd be: "SCOREBOARD!"

    Despite the millions of dollars they've spent, more than 6 million Americans have already signed up for private plans through the health insurance marketplace. We're beating them through one-on-one conversations, helping people get the facts about getting covered, and dismantling the lies these groups are spreading about health care reform.

  • Change doesn't happen on accident... takes each of us who believe in it doing our part to fight for it.

    Some people who watch politics just assume that inaction is business as usual, that the status quo is pretty much always going to be the status quo. OFA is the group of people proving them wrong.