The Alternative Guide To Mental Health Care

Your mental health is one of the two most important things you need to manage in your day to day life. Alongside your physical health. And, of course, the two go hand in one. One will have a direct impact,

The Alternative Guide To Mental Health Care


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Your mental health is one of the two most important things you need to manage in your day to day life. Alongside your physical health. And, of course, the two go hand in one. One will have a direct impact on the other and vice versa. We are lucky to be alive during an age where we understand more about the science of mental health issues than ever before.

Thanks to a mixture of medical science, technology, and psychology study, we know that mental health issues are a mixture of environmental factors paired with imbalances in the physical functioning of our brains. Depression, for example, is caused by the brain producing monoamine oxidase A, which breaks down the neurotransmitters that would absorb serotonin and dopamine. The two main chemicals needed to make us happy, to put it plainly.

Understanding the science behind issues like depression has allowed us to create drugs that can fight them in the same way we fight off infections. But drugs aren’t the only answer to mental health problems. Most medical professionals will tell you that it takes a lot of things to deal with these issues. Today we are going to talk about some of the alternative treatments you can undertake, alongside traditional therapy and medication, to help deal with your mental health issues.

Keep A Journal

One of the main issues people face when dealing with anxiety or depression is the inability to shut off their brain. They will be bombarded with constant worries or horrible thoughts and feelings. The human brain is like a computer in many ways. And, like a harddrive that is too full, if you don’t declutter your thoughts things will run worse.

Journaling isn’t a magic cure. But it has been proven to help. The idea here is that, once a thought or idea has been written down, the brain will naturally think about it less. The main reason our brains hold onto bad thoughts and information is because it hasn’t been expressed or expelled. For anyone struggling to talk about their issues, this is a great alternative that can relieve some stress and anxiety from your life.


One of the most popular and effective alternative medications on the planet is hemp. All natural and now fully legal in Canada. Both THC and CBD have been used to great effect in a number of medical studies. And both can be used to help you deal with your mental health issues.

We spoke to Top Shelf; they are a seller of bud in BC, and they told us that a lot of the customer comments they receive talk about how the legalization of weed and CBD has helped people deal with their anxiety and depression in many different ways.

CBD has been shown to improve the brain’s ability to absorb the serotonin and dopamine it produces, which is hugely beneficial when used alongside a regular course of medication and therapy. And THC can help reduce a lot of physical symptoms that can link back to depression and anxiety such as stress, pain, and tight muscles.

Both THC and CBD are natural mood enhancers. Meaning they will easily put a smile on your face. They can also boost your creativity, making them a great tool for creative therapy sessions. Art therapy has been shown to be extremely effective in dealing with mental health issues. So, if creative therapy is something you want to try, we recommend making use of some THC at the same time.


There are a lot of misconceptions about meditation out there. Most people assume it is just sitting in silence and not thinking about anything. But that isn’t the case at all. Meditation is about connecting with your body and mind on a primal and intimate level.

The human body and mind are complex organisms. We still do not fully understand either of them. And it can be difficult to truly connect to yourself. A proper meditation session will have you focusing on your breathing while also directing your attention to different parts of your body. Releasing the tension that has built up within. Bodily tension has been shown to make issues like anxiety far worse.

Meditation isn’t about keeping your mind blank. Instead it is about focusing on your breathing and then letting your mind tell YOU what you need to think about. If a specific thought or feeling comes up. Don’t ignore it. Sit with it and think about it. Meditation is the purest way of communicating with your own brain. And has been proven to be extremely effective in dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, and other issues.

Don’t be annoyed if you don’t get it right the first few times. Try a guided meditation video and take it a day at a time. It will take time to adjust to the intense feelings that can arise from a meditation session done right.

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