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News Entries in south florida

  • Two weeks away

    The Florida spring deadline to apply for the Obama Organizing Fellowship Program will be here in just two weeks. Don't miss this opportu

  • Florida Photo of the Day

    Yesterday the very first volunteers and organizing fellows in Florida on Dashboard got together for a fun online training session.

  • On the fly

    Sharing updates on the fly will be even more important as things speed up. Don't be left out, Text FL to 62262 or visit OFA.BO/FLtxt— Ob

  • Time to turn it up a notch

    With the calendar rolling over to 2012 it's time to turn it up a notch. We know Florida is a key state and Jim Messina reminded us why i

  • Happy Hannukah

    As Jewish Americans begin celebrating the Festival of Lights this evening, we wish everyone a very Happy Hanukkah.— Obama for America FL

  • Grand Opening in Lauderhill

    PHOTOS: Take a look inside the packed house at last night's grand opening of the new Broward County office. OFA.BO/EQeYyc— Obama for Ame

  • Organize, Study, Repeat

    Young Americans are playing a huge role for the campaign in Florida to defend the progress we've already made with President Obama, and

  • November Rewind

    November has been our most successful month for the campaign here in Florida. So before the calendar flips over to December let's take a

  • Standing for equality

    In recent years, while we have seen big movements toward equality, we have also seen some of the most open – and not so open – attacks o

  • New Faces in Miami

    You can join the conversation with Steven on Twitter — @StevenOFA Every day since joining the campaign as an organizer in Miami I’ve bee