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News Entries in mn

  • AAPI - Minnesota

    Volunteers in Minnesota organize in a lot of different ways. Many have created neighborhood teams, others volunteer as part of "women ta

  • Minnesota Made Energy Tour

    After 30 years of inaction, we raised fuel standards so that by the middle of the next decade… And today, the United States of America i

  • Twins for Obama

    I'm a strong citizen first and foremost and secondly a strong Democrat. Elyse and her twin sister Ariel have been volunteering in the O

  • September Weekend of Action

    [View the story "September Weekend of Action" on Storify] With just over a month before Minnesotans head to the polls, now more than eve

  • 10-Year-Olds For Obama

    Afiya is no ordinary 10-year-old girl. While the average 10-year-old might spend a lot of time listening to the Jonas Brothers or playin

  • Obama Mamas

    Walk into the Minneapolis campaign office on any given Thursday morning, and you’ll find yourself amidst a few dozen Obama Mamas. Today

  • The Fall Fellows

    When Barack Obama first ran for president in 2008, I was sidelined. My son had been born premature at the beginning of the summer and on

  • Women for Obama: Caitlin

    Caitlin is focused on making a difference in peoples’ lives. A young lawyer in Minneapolis, she works at a community law firm helping pe

  • A New Citizen for Obama

    Before Awale came to the United States five years ago, he had never had the chance to go to school. “My family couldn’t afford to send m

  • Fired Up by Dr. Biden

    With so much at stake this election, Dr. Jill Biden's recent visit to Minnesota fired up voters at every stop she made: I could really f

  • The Doctor Is In

    On her first solo campaign trip this year, Dr. Jill Biden spent a gorgeous fall day in Minnesota. Along with being Second Lady of the Un

  • Gotta Commit

    To the thousands of students returning to campuses all over Minnesota, welcome back! As the school year starts, you've gotta lot to do:

  • #Forward2012 Watch Parties

    On Thursday, President Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention about the choice Americans face in 60 days. If you reject the

  • Road to Charlotte: Hattie B.

    Hattie always saw herself as someone who did her part - she paid her taxes, spent decades as a high school science teacher and principal

  • Road to Charlotte: Jake

    The first week of classes is a big experience for any incoming freshman. Moving in, new friends, orientation, and demanding workloads ca