Las Vegas stands with women

Las Vegas stands with women


Social Justice and Equality in America.

More than 25 leaders from across Southern Nevada gathered at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas recently for a roundtable discussion on women’s health, economic fairness, and women in leadership.

Jacqueline Ramirez, CEO of the Ramirez Group, offered inspirational advice on how to get involved in local communities.

Barbara Connolly, Southern Nevada Chapter Data Lead, joined the Stand with Women fight to further engage her community on the benefits of Obamacare and tell her enrollment success story. “Every time you meet someone it could be an opportunity to help them gain access to health care, and that’s worth fighting for,” said Connolly.

Susan spoke about her Philippine heritage and her concerns about international women’s rights.

Susan Rowland, a Centennial Hills OFA team member, spoke of her experience being raised in the Philippines, the challenges she faced getting her master’s degree in Social Work, and her hopes for her daughter in Nevada. “I am proud to be with OFA-Nevada’s Stand with Women initiative because I know how strong we can be when we’re united,” said Rowland.

Cherlyn Spencer spoke to the roundtable about her passion for the Stand with Women program.

GG Reid, a member of the Centennial Hills OFA team, told her personal story of being laid off in Northern California, and having to move to Las Vegas to go back to school to be an ultrasound technician—while in her 70s. “It’s never too late to start again,” she said. “That’s what I realized and that’s what I want to instill in all those coming up in the next generation.”

Las Vegas women are inspired to make a difference on important issues.

This event was just one of many launches across the nation designed to empower women and focus the national conversation on women’s health and leadership opportunities. Help drive the conversation in your own community. Join the fight and stand with women.

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Social Justice and Equality in America

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