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News Entries in faces of the campaign

  • "Why I Phone Bank"

    Peter from Santa Fe has two very good reasons for working so hard to re-elect President Obama: his wife and the child they are expecting

  • “It’s all worth it”

    James Madison University student Alexa turned her passion for reelecting President Obama into an organizing fellowship this summer. As a

  • "We need this guy in office"

    Kim is an Old Dominion University student studying English. She's ready to move the country forward for affordable education. “Initially

  • My Story: Jo Hafford


    Some years ago, I was a student at the University of Maine, studying secondary English education. I wanted to "do something," take on a career that would let me truly make a difference in the world. Midway through my education, I was diagnosed with an incurable illness. It would require medication and treatment for the rest of my life, or would result in a slow ...

  • Living My Dream

    Alex and her father during a neighborhood canvass on Father's Day. I’m a 20-year-old Field Organizer living my dream working for the Pre

  • Tikkun- Olam

    br> Images from the July launch of New Mexico's Jewish Americans for Obama. My name is Ben and I'm a Jewish American working for Organiz