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OFA volunteers gathered for 2016 State of the Union

Across the country, OFA volunteers held more than 130 watch parties to listen to the President's final State of the Union address.

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  • Vice President Biden: We're going to finish strong

    Listen to what the Vice President just told OFA supporters about the next steps in the fight for progress.

    On Tuesday, President Obama delivered his final State of the Union address. On Wednesday, the Vice President spoke to OFA supporters about the need to continue pushing for meaningful change, and the work ahead in the next year.

    Referring to himself as "the guy in the red tie who sat behind the President last night," the Vice President emphasized one of President Obama's main points from the State of the Union address: Change is possible when people take action.

  • President Obama on the work ahead

    President Obama just finished his State of the Union, and he asked us to stay involved.

    The President made it clear during his State of the Union address that we have to work together to make the kind of change we want.

    This work has never been more important and it's made possible with the support of people like you.

    Keep the fight going—say you're in.

  • Listen to OFA's call with President Obama

    The President just finished speaking to OFA supporters about the path forward on gun violence prevention, and what's next in the fight for progress on this issue.

    This afternoon, President Obama joined a call with OFA supporters on gun violence prevention. Find out what he had to say, and add your name in support of common-sense solutions.

  • Michelle Obama: Barack's final State of the Union

    The First Lady is asking OFA supporters to tune in and get fired up.

    Last week, Michelle Obama sent a message to OFA supporters across the country, encouraging them to tune into President Obama's final State of the Union address.

    Read what she said and RSVP to watch the State of the Union on January 12.

    Organizers across the country will be watching as the prepare for the fights ahead. Say you'll be one of them.

  • President Obama: Stand up for gun violence prevention

    President Obama: Stand up for gun violence prevention

    The President just took a big step forward on gun violence prevention, but a more comprehensive solution must come from Congress.

    Read President Obama's message to OFA supporters, as he discusses his executive actions on guns, and the need for all of us to speak up and push for a more comprehensive solution.

  • President Obama's action on guns

    The President just announced a set of common-sense steps to prevent gun violence, but only Congress can pass long-term solutions. It's up to all of us to call on them to act.

    President Obama just took bold action to help remedy the gun violence epidemic in our country.

    The President's executive actions are a big step forward, but the comprehensive solution America needs has got to come from Congress.

    Show your support for expanded background checks on gun purchases, and RSVP to hear from President Obama as he talks about common-sense steps to make our communities safer.

  • Five reasons 2015 was a historic year

    We made crucial progress this year, and now we're looking ahead. Ready to keep the momentum going in 2016?

    As 2015 comes to an end, we're celebrating the progress we made—but we're also already looking to the challenges ahead.

  • Volunteers join together to lead on climate change

    As the international community gathered in Paris to address climate change, local climate change organizers from around the country met in Colorado to do their part.

    Organizing doesn't stop when an issue becomes part of the the national (or international) dialogue. Local groups continue to play a critical role in building momentum on tackling climate change.

  • We did it—a big step forward on climate

    For the first time in history, almost every country in the world has agreed to do their part in addressing climate change.

    For years now, the deniers and the naysayers have argued that President Obama couldn't lead the world to an ambitious global agreement on climate change.

    Well now, he just did. This is a major victory.

    This historic accord marks a watershed moment in the fight against climate change—and it's one we can all be proud of.

    Now is the time to say you stand with President Obama and countries around the world who are united on climate change.

  • The No-Fly loophole

    If a person suspected of terrorism is barred from boarding an airplane, that person should not be allowed to purchase a weapon of war. It's time for Congress to fix this.

    We may not be able to prevent every shooting, but right now, people on the No-Fly List can walk into a store and buy a gun.

    That's unacceptable.

    If you’re too dangerous to board a plane, you’re too dangerous to buy a gun. The legislation to close this loophole has existed for years and it continues to have bipartisan support in Congress. But an extreme vocal minority, backed by the gun lobby, has prevented the kind of reform that we need.

  • #UnitedOnClimate starts at home

    As the international community meets to set a course for climate action, OFA-Wisconsin volunteers came together to honor local climate leadership.

    The international climate talks in Paris are underway, and OFA volunteers are supporting them with strong climate action. For OFA volunteers in Wisconsin, it means supporting the city of Milwaukee's plan to tackle climate change at the municipal level.

  • It's embarrassing, and unacceptable

    While the world is coming together to act on climate change, more than 130 members of Congress still won't accept the science of climate change.

    This week's international climate talks are too important to be overshadowed by grandstanding from extreme voices.

  • Another government shutdown?

    Time is running out. We're quickly approaching the budget deadline, and Congress is still playing games.

    In 2013 extreme voices in Congress forced a 16-day shutdown that cost our economy $24 billion.

    We can't let that happen again.

    Instead of doing their jobs, some members of Congress are once again trying to tack on ideological riders that could take away health care from millions of people, scale back reforms on Wall Street, or prevent our progress on climate change.

    This nonsense isn't going to stop unless we speak up.

  • The next generation of field managers

    Twenty-six fellows are ready to pursue leadership positions in field management across the progressive movement.

    The progressive movement needs skilled organizers on the front-lines. See how OFA's Field Management Professional Fellowship is equipping the next generation of organizers with the skills and tools they need to run effective organizing programs.

  • Don't let deniers stand in the way

    We can't let a vocal minority stand in the way of critical progress on this issue.

    No more excuses. It's time for strong global action on climate change.

    But we still have an embarrassingly large number of elected representatives who won't listen to the experts, despite overwhelming scientific consensus.

    Progress on this issue isn't guaranteed—it happens when all of us speak out to say we're ready for big steps forward.

  • Expanding health coverage in Tennessee

    See how this group of state-based volunteers is working to expand health care coverage in their state.

    Volunteers in Tennessee screened a documentary that captured the critical impact of volunteer work—right in the city where it was filmed.