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News Entries in nm

  • Tikkun- Olam

    br> Images from the July launch of New Mexico's Jewish Americans for Obama. My name is Ben and I'm a Jewish American working for Organiz

  • @TT_OFA

    "@BarackObama makes me excited & confident about the opportunities ahead of me, that's why I'm a Fellow!" -Anna @OFA_NM

  • Changing Opinions

    "When I came to New Mexico to help with President Obama’s campaign I was less than fired up. Don’t get me wrong. I thought Barack Obama

  • Cato June: In It to Win It.

    Last weekend, Cato June, All-Pro and Superbowl winner, came to New Mexico with one goal – supporting President Obama and getting people

  • 4th of July in New Mexico

    Yesterday, people all across the state showed their love for America and worked to register voters so that the voices of the people of N

  • Volunteer Stories: Fanny

    Fannie (far left), Juanita and Sally making plans in Shiprock to mobilize the Navajo vote. "My name is Fannie L. Atcitty. I'm a retiree,

  • Albuquerque Pride

    OFA NM took to the streets Saturday to celebrate Albuquerque Pride. Stand up for equality - Join LGBT Americans for Obama.

  • @kelzuni

    @OFA_NM 9 for NM -- extremely warm but we're still registering Native Voters ‪#nativeamericanvote‬

  • Dreaming of the Future

    "I support President Obama because he has stepped up for me, my friends and people like me across the country." says Karina B. Karina is

  • @JF_OFA

    @OFA_NM volunteers enjoying a great day of Voter Registration. ‪#Obama2012‬ ‪#AfAm2012 ‬

  • Santa Fe Pride

    Yesterday, Organizing for America New Mexico participated in Santa Fe Pride, highlighting the President's commitment to equality for New

  • @LG_OFA

    ‪#obamanos‬ otra vez!! South valley in the house! @OFA_NM ‪#hispanics‬ 2012

  • Biking for Obama

    Ellery Althaus is biking across America to support President Obama, stopping at OFA offices across the country to volunteer. This week,