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Watch Wilmer Valderrama tell his immigration story

Wilmer believes in the American dream, and now he's fighting for immigration reform.

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  • Meet the new face of inaction

    There's a fresh face standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform.

    It's time to let House Majority Leader Eric Cantor know the cost of inaction on immigration reform.

  • Enough of this inaction

    Volunteers tell representatives in the House to lead on comprehensive immigration reform.

    Congress sacrifices up to $37 million dollars a day, simply by refusing to act on a bill that has already passed with bipartisan support in the Senate. That's unacceptable—and that's why OFA volunteers took action in 34 key districts on Saturday.

  • Mobilizing the nation for immigration reform

    OFA is fighting to stop Congress's inaction on comprehensive immigration reform.

    Supporters of immigration reform are organizing on the phone, on the ground, and on the airwaves, calling on the House to take action.

  • With your help, this could make immigration reform a reality

    Minority Leader Pelosi filed a discharge petition to bring comprehensive immigration reform to a vote in the House.

    This doesn't have to be left up to Speaker Boehner anymore. That's why OFA is passing out flyers, making phone calls, and organizing constituents to pass this crucial legislation. We will end Congress's inaction.

  • Americans speak out against Congress's inaction on immigration

    The cost of inaction isn't abstract. It's real and it's personal, and communities are footing the bill.

    The fight for comprehensive immigration reform isn't confined to Washington. Local communities are footing the bill for Congress's inaction, and community members are speaking out. In these letters to the editor, writers talk about the benefits of immigration reform and how Congress's inaction is costing their constituents.

  • OFA won't let lawmakers ignore the cost of their inaction

    Volunteers nationwide are keeping up the drumbeat and making their voices heard on immigration reform.

    The cost of the House of Representatives' inaction on immigration reform is now up to $10 billion, but the drumbeat for reform is growing louder and louder. OFA volunteers are mobilizing on the ground, over the airwaves, and in packed auditoriums from coast to coast for reform.

  • Meet the Dream Team for immigration reform

    This is the next phase of OFA's strategy on immigration reform.

    The House is doing nothing productive on immigration reform. But thanks to OFA's amazing volunteers, the rest of the country is a different story.

  • What does this say about the priorities of the House of Representatives?

    The House can't find time to hold a single vote on comprehensive immigration reform, but they actually PASSED an anti-immigration measure that would move the country further from a solution.

    Six weeks after Speaker Boehner released his party’s principles for immigration reform, the House voted for a bill that takes a step backwards.

  • The power of organizing for immigration reform

    Our strategy is working.

    Members of Congress are starting to talk about the cost of inaction on immigration reform. It's on the national airwaves, and volunteers are showing it on the streets. That's the power of organizing.

  • An open letter to Speaker Boehner

    This is the cost of inaction on immigration reform.

    Some members of Speaker Boehner's caucus didn’t get the memo that immigration reform was dead for the year.

  • The cost of inaction is just too high

    Volunteers mobilize to pressure key House members on immigration reform.

    Some members of the House think they can get away with ignoring the need for immigration reform. OFA volunteers are mobilizing to remind them that doing so has a real cost.

  • Dialing for immigration reform

    Supporters make sure Congress knows the cost of inaction.

    In living rooms, cafes, and kitchen tables around the nation, OFA volunteers are answering President Obama’s call to make 2014 a “year of action.”

  • OFA's strategy on immigration reform

    Watch OFA's immigration campaign manager Pedro Morillas explain.

    It's 2014—there's no excuse for Speaker Boehner and House leaders to ignore immigration reform any longer.

  • OFA's 13 favorite immigration reform organizing moments of 2013

    From one on one conversations to powerful public displays of support, OFA volunteers fought for reform in 2013.

    We came a long way toward achieving comprehensive immigration reform in 2013, including passing a landmark bill in the Senate. Take a look at OFA organizers' favorite moments in the fight for reform this year

  • The final six

    Here are the last six representatives on OFA's list of House members who need to lead on comprehensive immigration reform.

    Immigration reform is an urgent issue, but these representatives have so far chosen not to act. All they have to do is demand a vote.

  • Fighting for urgency on immigration reform

    We're going public with six more representatives who can stand up and be leaders on immigration reform.

    We've accomplished a great deal this year—including passing a bill through the Senate— but our work won't be done until comprehensive immigration reform is law.