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How it’s done: Planning an OFA-Pittsburgh Day of Action

Take a peek behind the scenes of how we plan a Day of Action.

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News Entries in gun violence prevention

  • Victims of domestic violence lose aid due to shutdown

    At least 2,000 shelters rely on funds from federal programs that have been halted by the government shutdown.

    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. At a time when we should be focused on solutions to domestic violence, the government shutdown is hindering support for victims.

  • Read all about it: Americans ask Congress to act to prevent gun violence

    OFA Iowa
    From coast to coast, community leaders joined OFA supporters Wednesday to stand up and ask Congress to pass measures to prevent gun violence, including a measure requiring background checks on all commercial gun sales. Here's a look at how OFA made headlines nationwide:
    * Pennsylvanians gathered outside Representative Jim Gerlach's office to ask him to support legislation that would expand background checks ...

  • Demanding gun violence prevention in New Hampshire

    The streets of Nashua, N.H., were filled last week with OFA supporters voicing their support for common-sense gun violence prevention measures. Community members gathered at City Hall Plaza to raise the profile of an important issue that Congress has failed to act on.
    At the rally, volunteers were met by a group of anti-reform advocates who openly carried their own guns to the event ...

  • My son Daniel

    On April 20th, 1999, my beautiful and bright 15-year-old son was killed by two teenagers with guns in the library of Columbine High School.

    My son, Daniel, was a smart, quiet kid. He'd just become a straight-A student, and he was overcoming his shyness as a new member of the

  • The latest advance for gun violence prevention: Todd Jones's confirmation as ATF Director

    Yesterday the U.S. Senate voted 53-42 to confirm Todd Jones as the permanent director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Following a bipartisan cloture vote, Jones was confirmed.

    It's been seven years since the ATF had the permanent leadership it needs to effectively help protect our communities from gun violence. This is a victory for gun violence prevention advocates ...

  • Taking action on behalf of gun violence victims

    "The people we lost in Aurora loved, and were loved. They were mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters, friends and neighbors. They had hopes for the future and dreams that were not yet fulfilled." —President Obama on June 21, 2012
    In honor of the one year anniversary of the Aurora shooting, OFA volunteers across the country joined together to ...

  • You can buy my gun

    I’m a firefighter paramedic with 23 years of service, a gun owner, and a hunter—but most importantly, I’m a father. All I can ask is for a safer world for my children and my community.
    I have witnessed the devastation of guns and gun violence in both rural and urban areas firsthand. And through all of it, I can say violence has ...

  • Volunteers nationwide stand up in support of gun violence prevention

    To mark the six-month anniversary of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, Americans nationwide are taking action. In at least 79 events across 26 states and Washington, D.C., people stood up to honor gun violence victims, including the 26 lives taken in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and more than 6,000 lives in the months since.

    "The sign says Organizing for Action, and that's ...

  • It'd be a real shame if your name wasn't on this

    The gun lobby is pretty happy with itself.

    They succeeded in scaring members of Congress into voting against something that 90 percent of Americans—and 74 percent of NRA members—support. They like it the way things are, where the most powerful interest groups in Washington get to override the voices of millions of Americans.

    OFA will be the grassroots movement that counteracts that. We ...

  • Make your voice heard: Sign this petition today

    In 2009, my schoolmate Greg Robinson was in the backseat of a car returning home from a basketball game when someone with a gun opened fire. He died shielding his young cousins from gunfire.
    Greg wasn't a gang member—he was a 14-year-old who wanted to play basketball. He was quiet and kind, and that year, he was the 28th student in the Chicago ...

  • Here's proof that what we're doing is working

    Want proof that what OFA volunteers are doing is working? The senators who voted against expanding background checks are getting their poll numbers back since that vote—and they're not subtle. Check out how their approval ratings changed:

    • Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH): Approval down four points, and disapproval up 11 points, for a net 15-point drop.
    • Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK): net approval drop: 16 ...

  • Add your name—we'll personally deliver this petition

    Last week, 45 senators sided with the gun lobby and voted against expanding background checks for gun sales. I said then that we weren't going to forget—and that we weren't going to stop fighting until we get the job done. Today we're following through on that.

    Next week, we'll deliver an OFA petition to Congress demanding that they take common-sense ...

  • Hold your senator accountable

    Last week, 45 senators decided to stand with the gun lobby, blocking a bill to expand background checks—a measure that 90% of Americans support. They were hoping you weren't paying attention.

    OFA supporters across the country are holding their senators accountable today—if you live in one of the states below, your senator needs to hear directly from you, one of the people ...

  • I can't get over this

    A few months ago, I shared my story about my dad, Reuven, who was killed this past September in a mass shooting in Minneapolis. Since then, I've been fighting every single day to reduce gun violence, so no one else ever has to grieve like I did.

    When the Senate defeated a bill that would expand background checks last week, I just couldn't ...