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The power of organizing for immigration reform

Our strategy is working.

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  • An open letter to Speaker Boehner

    This is the cost of inaction on immigration reform.

    Some members of Speaker Boehner's caucus didn’t get the memo that immigration reform was dead for the year.

  • The cost of inaction is just too high

    Volunteers mobilize to pressure key House members on immigration reform.

    Some members of the House think they can get away with ignoring the need for immigration reform. OFA volunteers are mobilizing to remind them that doing so has a real cost.

  • Dialing for immigration reform

    Supporters make sure Congress knows the cost of inaction.

    In living rooms, cafes, and kitchen tables around the nation, OFA volunteers are answering President Obama’s call to make 2014 a “year of action.”

  • OFA's strategy on immigration reform

    Watch OFA's immigration campaign manager Pedro Morillas explain.

    It's 2014—there's no excuse for Speaker Boehner and House leaders to ignore immigration reform any longer.

  • OFA's 13 favorite immigration reform organizing moments of 2013

    From one on one conversations to powerful public displays of support, OFA volunteers fought for reform in 2013.

    We came a long way toward achieving comprehensive immigration reform in 2013, including passing a landmark bill in the Senate. Take a look at OFA organizers' favorite moments in the fight for reform this year

  • The final six

    Here are the last six representatives on OFA's list of House members who need to lead on comprehensive immigration reform.

    Immigration reform is an urgent issue, but these representatives have so far chosen not to act. All they have to do is demand a vote.

  • Fighting for urgency on immigration reform

    We're going public with six more representatives who can stand up and be leaders on immigration reform.

    We've accomplished a great deal this year—including passing a bill through the Senate— but our work won't be done until comprehensive immigration reform is law.

  • Looking for a leader on immigration in the House

    OFA calls on seven more lawmakers to act on reform.

    Today we're going public with the next seven names on our list of representatives who can play a key role in passing reform. These legislators have a choice: side with their constituents and be leaders on reform, or defend the broken status quo.

  • Standing in solidarity for immigration reform

    A group of activists has set up camp at the foot of the Capitol.

    The strength and bravery of the individuals on the National Mall right now stands in stark contrast to the stalling and foot dragging in the House of Representatives. Their activities on the ground have sparked solidarity across the country, and prompted visits from leaders as diverse as Vice President Joe Biden, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Representative Jeff Denham.

  • Roll Call: These House members need to lead on immigration reform

    Here are five more members of Congress who need to take action.

    These members of Congress can either stand with the American people or stand in the way. And let’s be clear: There is no gray area. The House's inaction is hurting American families and costing our economy millions every day.

  • We can't afford not to act on immigration reform

    We've lost $5.3 billion ... and counting.

    It has been more than 143 days since the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill, but the House of Representatives has refused to act. Every day the House stalls, the government loses $37 million.

  • We're going public with this list

    It's time for these members of Congress to lead on immigration.

    It's really not complicated: The House could pass comprehensive immigration reform today if it simply held a vote. That's why, starting today, OFA is going public with a list of the lawmakers we believe are the key to getting comprehensive immigration reform passed.