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  • Unidos

    Mañana es el ÚLTIMO día para registrarse para votar en Florida. No esperes más, visite: Comparte

  • A surprise visit

    If you swing by the Port St. Lucie field office, chances are you'll find it filled with awesome volunteers. Recently they were joined by

  • Como aprecio este derecho

    Hace rato que vengo dando mis opiniones sobre la política – tanto que desde chiquita me llamaban “Mafalda”. Esta costumbre me siguió a l

  • 3,400,000

    Florida's seniors have a lot at stake in this election—while President Barack Obama has fought to make Medicare stronger, Mitt Romney's

  • Five Days

    The voter registration deadline will be here in just five days. Do your friends in Florida know that? Do them a favor and share this: it

  • “Keep the faith”

    "I had this impulse to hug him, so I did. And I cried. I think I even got tears on the Vice President's suit jacket! ... I am hugging th

  • This is it

    With the calendar flipping over to October it's time to sprint to the finish. This is it. We have only 35 days left to re-elect Presiden

  • 608,000

    President Obama is standing up for students in Florida—now it’s time to stand up for him. Commit to vote today. Share on Facebook

  • September Weekend of Action

    This weekend we’ll be talking to folks across Florida about what’s at stake in November, and making sure everyone is registered and read

  • Conoce a Gloria

    Como un sinnúmero de inmigrantes que han llegado a nuestro país a lo largo de generaciones, Gloria emigró a Florida para darles una mejo