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  • Audaciously Hoping

    “Hello?” said a hesitant voice through the receiver. “Hello!” I responded brightly, repeating the greeting I had uttered so often over t

  • Tweet of the Day

    We've checked the data: @OFA_CA has made over 1,000,000 calls in support of @BarackObama since the campaign launched. #Obama2012 #WeDoDa

  • "I Applaud President Obama"

    When I began my path to service at the Naval Academy more than ten years ago, war was a something we read about in textbooks and studied

  • A Monumental Step

    The Affordable Care Act has been a monumental step in equality between the privileged and unfortunate; the insured and uninsured. In th

  • I Have An Impact

    I just finished the two most memorable weeks of my life. I learned how to be a Field Organizer during the first-ever Field Organizer Aca

  • Tweet of the Week

    Proud that @BarackObama is working to promote lgbtq rights as human rights! @HRC @OFA_CA…— Hilary Thomso

  • The Iraq War is Over

    This week marks the end of the Iraq War. Californians are reflecting on what the end of the war means to them, and the thanks they’re gi

  • Joining the Conversation

    Two weeks ago, I was sitting in a large hall receiving a crash-course in community organizing as part of the OFA Field Organizer Academy

  • Anne_OFA12152011

    What a rush! 1190 calls in 2.5 hours. Insanely great team of volunteers. Thanks to host-mates Claire and Jake and #FOAcademy mentors.

  • Moving Forward

    The Obama for America Fall Fellows Program concluded last week. When I sat through the orientation back in September, I felt overwhelmed

  • I'm In

    I’m In. At least, I’ve put my big toe in. I’m not in like Clinton T., my neighborhood team leader with an engaging voice and smile. I’m

  • OFA_CA12102011

    Juan helps a Las Vegas resident register to vote at her new address. #ca2nv