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News Entries in 2012 stories

  • “That's why”

    "I’m a young woman who just graduated from college. My dad is a naturalized citizen from a developing country who got student visas and

  • “I'll do what I'm able”

    “President Obama is a fair, honest, and just man. He is about helping the American people—not just rich people, but middle-income as wel

  • A sense of pride

    Isam, a regional field organizer from San Diego, spent Election Day 2008 working to get out the vote. He describes the moment President

  • “A common bond”

    "The war is over because President Barack Obama kept his promise. For me, it's the knowledge that I served with thousands of brave servi

  • “What made me realize”

    "In 2009, I remember the health care debate raging on and on, and I remember agonizing over every twist and turn because I knew what the

  • Taking ownership

    Iowa Training Director Kevin Geiken tells the story of what first got him in the door to help elect President Obama—and how a cup of cof

  • Five years ago

    "I remember watching Barack Obama on my computer with my kids around me as he announced his candidacy. The tears flooded my face and I c