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The No-Fly loophole

If a person suspected of terrorism is barred from boarding an airplane, that person should not be allowed to purchase a weapon of war. It's time for Congress to fix this.

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  • #UnitedOnClimate starts at home

    As the international community meets to set a course for climate action, OFA-Wisconsin volunteers came together to honor local climate leadership.

    The international climate talks in Paris are underway, and OFA volunteers are supporting them with strong climate action. For OFA volunteers in Wisconsin, it means supporting the city of Milwaukee's plan to tackle climate change at the municipal level.

  • It's embarrassing, and unacceptable

    While the world is coming together to act on climate change, more than 130 members of Congress still won't accept the science of climate change.

    This week's international climate talks are too important to be overshadowed by grandstanding from extreme voices.

  • Another government shutdown?

    Time is running out. We're quickly approaching the budget deadline, and Congress is still playing games.

    In 2013 extreme voices in Congress forced a 16-day shutdown that cost our economy $24 billion.

    We can't let that happen again.

    Instead of doing their jobs, some members of Congress are once again trying to tack on ideological riders that could take away health care from millions of people, scale back reforms on Wall Street, or prevent our progress on climate change.

    This nonsense isn't going to stop unless we speak up.

  • The next generation of field managers

    Twenty-six fellows are ready to pursue leadership positions in field management across the progressive movement.

    The progressive movement needs skilled organizers on the front-lines. See how OFA's Field Management Professional Fellowship is equipping the next generation of organizers with the skills and tools they need to run effective organizing programs.

  • Don't let deniers stand in the way

    We can't let a vocal minority stand in the way of critical progress on this issue.

    No more excuses. It's time for strong global action on climate change.

    But we still have an embarrassingly large number of elected representatives who won't listen to the experts, despite overwhelming scientific consensus.

    Progress on this issue isn't guaranteed—it happens when all of us speak out to say we're ready for big steps forward.

  • Expanding health coverage in Tennessee

    See how this group of state-based volunteers is working to expand health care coverage in their state.

    Volunteers in Tennessee screened a documentary that captured the critical impact of volunteer work—right in the city where it was filmed.

  • OFA's Fall Summit with President Obama

    Organizers from across the country gathered in Washington, D.C., to learn from each other—and from the Organizer-in-Chief himself.

    OFA hosted its Fall Organizing Summit in Washington, D.C.—featuring the Organizer-in-Chief himself, President Obama.

    More than 200 organizers gathered to discuss the future of the grassroots movement and the impact of the work they're doing across the country.

    Check out the highlights from the summit, including remarks from the President.

  • OFA's Organizing Director Summit

    Earlier this month, OFA hosted its first-ever Organizing Director Summit, bringing together people from around the country for a day of dialogue and training.

    Grassroots organizations build winning campaigns by empowering supporters on the ground—the work of organizing directors. Check out how some of them came together at the summit to learn from each other and increase the impact of their work.

  • The end of congressional crises?

    Show your support for a bipartisan budget agreement that will add jobs and boost our economy.

    Our country can't afford any more self-inflicted economic wounds.

  • The OFA Fellowship program continues to grow

    This fall, chapters nationwide welcomed a new class of organizing fellows to the OFA family.

    You might think that seeing the same thing over and over again would make it less inspiring. But when it comes to OFA fellows, it's just the opposite.

    The newest class of budding organizers is off to a great start. See what they're up to.

  • Organizers keep asking Congress to #DoSomething

    OFA supporters from around the country joined together to call for action on gun violence prevention. Read about how it went, and what's next.

    Earlier this month, in the wake of another horrific mass shooting, OFA supporters and organizers from across the country joined together to call on their representatives to #DoSomething to address gun violence.

  • Representatives committing to #DoSomething about gun violence

    Volunteers are urging Congress to #DoSomething about gun violence—and they're listening.

    Mass shootings shouldn't be the new normal. Organizers and concerned citizens have the power to change the conversation—and OFA volunteers are proving it.

  • Tell Congress to do something about gun violence

    OFA supporters won't stop calling for action on gun violence until Congress decides to act.

    We can't throw up our hands and accept this kind of brutality as our new normal—as President Obama said last week, "Our thoughts and prayers are not enough."

    But Congress has done nothing, and we can't accept that. It's up to organizers to demand better from Congress.

    OFA volunteers won't stop calling for action until Congress makes changes at the national level.

  • Organizers stand with Planned Parenthood

    As part of National Pink Out Day, OFA chapters participated in events to show support for Planned Parenthood.

    With extreme voices in Congress threatening to defund Planned Parenthood, organizers stepped up in support.