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OFA volunteers tell Congress it’s time to #ActOnClimate

Why? Because science says so.

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News Entries in organizing

  • The next generation of progressive organizers is here

    OFA's 2014 Spring Fellows program kicked off last weekend.

    More than 1,700 people were accepted to take part in the the OFA Spring Fellows program. For the next three months, they'll recruit volunteers, plan local events, coordinate issue campaigns—and then use all of that hands-on experience to change the world.

  • Dialing for immigration reform

    Supporters make sure Congress knows the cost of inaction.

    In living rooms, cafes, and kitchen tables around the nation, OFA volunteers are answering President Obama’s call to make 2014 a “year of action.”

  • Fighting for a safer Washington state

    We’re organizing to pass common-sense gun laws in our state.

    OFA volunteers are teaming up with the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility to organize for Initiative 594, a common-sense measure to expand background checks for all gun sales. Seven in ten Washingtonians support the measure, but we still have a lot of work to do in the coming months to make sure it becomes law.

  • Hundreds of events, thousands of people

    Folks came out strong to cheer on the President during the State of the Union address at more than 300 events nationwide.

    These watch parties were no silent, sit-down events. Check out how OFA supporters nationwide reaffirmed their commitment to the issues they care most about.

  • State of the Union Poll

    Take this quick, one-question survey to let OFA know what issue you're most excited to hear the President address in the State of the Union.

  • A day of service

    For OFA volunteers, Monday wasn't just a holiday.

    In observation of Martin Luther King Day, volunteers spent the day giving back to their communities.

  • Being covered on February 1st: Volunteers spread the word

    OFA volunteers hit the streets to make sure folks know how to be covered on February 1st.

    Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans can now get a better deal on health insurance. Last weekend, OFA volunteers set out to make sure folks in their community got the facts they needed to #GetCovered.

  • Keep fighting to protect health care reform

    When you are battling a chronic illness, knowing you have insurance gives you peace of mind.

    Before the Affordable Care Act, the health insurance market was a place where consumers had almost no voice—illnesses or accidents could mean financial and personal ruin. I'm proud that our country is moving forward to correct what was so obviously wrong.

  • Want to make a difference?

    Be a part of OFA’s biggest fellows program ever.

    This spring, learn new organizing skills, advance the issues that matter to you most, and make a lasting impact on your community as an OFA Spring Fellow.

  • Want a free trip to D.C.?

    Donate by midnight to be automatically entered to win.

    Give $5 or more to OFA today to become a founding member, and be automatically entered to win a trip to our birthday party.

  • Did you see President Obama's note?

    "We're never going back."

    "Fundamental change like this doesn't happen just because people believe it's the right thing to do," said President Obama. "It happens because people like you, and organizations like OFA, fight for it—no matter how hard it gets."