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  • Educators Can't Wait

    There were many best practices shared while tabling at a national convention for educators in New Orleans. While engaging many educators

  • Taking a Stand

    Members of the Jefferson Parish Executive Committee met in Mataire and did not mind voicing their concerns about the future of their par

  • Reflect and Celebrate

    The United States Marine Corps was founded in 1775 at Tun Tavern and it was very befitting that the 2011 birthday celebration in New Orl

  • One Year Out: Fired Up and Ready to Work


    When these volunteers were asked why they were volunteering one year away from the 2012 elections, this is what they had to say:

    "I am supporting President Barack Obama because from the start of his presidency to the present, he is a champion for all Americans. He has proven that he is strong militarily, morally, and economically. His policies proposed to all Americans have been ...

  • Geaux Obama

    Members of the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee also known as OPDEC are "In" and proud supporters of campaign 2012. OPDEC

  • Meeting the First Lady

    Max Fall Fellow and Campus Organizer, New Orleans "Meeting the First Lady felt like a lightning strike - it happened in the blink of an

  • Support the Cause

    This year during our "walk for a cure" we had much more to celebrate. "Thanks to the Affordable Act Act, women have greater control over

  • Where Family Gather

    The most perfect place to have a house meeting is where family gather. Most family gatherings are focused around food and this one is n

  • A President for the people

    "It's easy to be a great president when things are going well. But the perseverance that President Obama has shown in these tough times and his willingness to even want to take on ANOTHER four years during difficult times shows me that he really is a President for the People."-new volunteer from St. Michael's Church in Baton Rouge

    We are meeting with ...

  • Giving Voice to Students

    Team Absolute Blue worked enthusiastically to provide students with the opportunity to become registered voters. "Giving voice to stude

  • Started Something New

    We have some very exciting news! We started something new on our campus, The Southern University at New Orleans College Democrats. "We a