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Ken Salazar: Why we need a comprehensive approach to immigration reform

It is past time for Congress to address the national security, legal, economic, and moral imperative of immigration reform.

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  • Looking for a leader on immigration in the House

    OFA calls on seven more lawmakers to act on reform.

    Today we're going public with the next seven names on our list of representatives who can play a key role in passing reform. These legislators have a choice: side with their constituents and be leaders on reform, or defend the broken status quo.

  • Standing in solidarity for immigration reform

    A group of activists has set up camp at the foot of the Capitol.

    The strength and bravery of the individuals on the National Mall right now stands in stark contrast to the stalling and foot dragging in the House of Representatives. Their activities on the ground have sparked solidarity across the country, and prompted visits from leaders as diverse as Vice President Joe Biden, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Representative Jeff Denham.

  • Roll Call: These House members need to lead on immigration reform

    Here are five more members of Congress who need to take action.

    These members of Congress can either stand with the American people or stand in the way. And let’s be clear: There is no gray area. The House's inaction is hurting American families and costing our economy millions every day.

  • We can't afford not to act on immigration reform

    We've lost $5.3 billion ... and counting.

    It has been more than 143 days since the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill, but the House of Representatives has refused to act. Every day the House stalls, the government loses $37 million.

  • We're going public with this list

    It's time for these members of Congress to lead on immigration.

    It's really not complicated: The House could pass comprehensive immigration reform today if it simply held a vote. That's why, starting today, OFA is going public with a list of the lawmakers we believe are the key to getting comprehensive immigration reform passed.

  • Submit art, inspire action

    Dedicate your artistic talents to fix our broken immigration system.

    Art has always played an important role in social change. Movements are built around unifying symbols and creative calls to action. No matter what skill you have to offer, put it to use to help pass comprehensive immigration reform.

  • "Give me your tired, your poor, 
your huddled masses."

    Actor Jonathan Del Arco was 10 years old when his father brought him to America.

    This month Republicans and Democrats united to reopen the government and prevent the country from defaulting. That gives me hope that they will stand strong together now to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the House of Representatives.

  • Fighting to advance immigration reform

    Volunteers make it clear to the House of Representatives: It's time to take action.

    OFA supporters were out in their communities to make sure Congress hears its constituents and passes immigration reform.

  • Doubling down on comprehensive immigration reform

    President Obama has made immigration reform one of his top priorities, and it's one of OFA's, too.

    OFA plans to concentrate efforts on House Republican leadership and a select group of members of Congress to make sure the House of Representatives brings comprehensive immigration reform to a vote.

  • Thousands turn out to push for immigration reform

    Americans rallied nationwide to tell Congress to get back to work and fix our broken immigration system.

    Saturday marked 100 days since the Senate passed comprehensive immigration reform, but the House of Representatives has yet to hold a single vote on the issue.

  • The time is now

    October 5th marks 100 days since the Senate passed an immigration reform bill.

    The House of Representatives has been too busy trying to derail Obamacare to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

  • Meet Amara Banks, an OFA Fellow

    A summer fellow keeps up the push for immigration reform.

    Back in school for the fall, Amara could not shake the organizing bug—so she began an OFA club at her school with 74 new members.

  • Letter to the editor: It's time

    Comprehensive immigration reform can't wait any longer. It's time for the House of Representatives to act.

    By writing a short letter to your local newspapers, you can help bring attention to the the House of Representatives' failure to act on immigration reform.