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Now accepting: 2015 Spring Fellowship applications

If you know a current or future community organizer, tell them to apply.

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  • ICYMI: Obamacare enrollment is back!

    The health care marketplace is open again for all Americans.

    It's here! The health insurance marketplace is open once again for all Americans looking to get covered.

    Millions of Americans still need to get health insurance—they need to hear about this opportunity right now. So we're calling in Team Obamacare.

    Make sure everyone in your life knows the health care marketplace is open again for all Americans.

  • A historic climate agreement

    This is a turning point in the fight against climate change.

    The United States and China—the world’s two largest economies—just struck a historic climate deal to fight climate change.

    That’s global leadership, and it’s powerful to see President Obama making this happen.

    Add your name and let’s rally around powerful action to fight climate change.

  • Do you like the internet? Sign this petition

    The President is fighting for net neutrality—you should, too.

    What President Obama did yesterday is a big deal for anyone who uses the internet. (Hi!)

    The concept of a free and open internet has been part of the whole deal from the beginning.

    He's urging the Federal Communications Commission to protect net neutrality—the principle that all web traffic should be treated the same, and not controlled by providers.

    If you think a free and open internet is a good thing, sign our petition to tell the FCC you stand with President Obama's plan to protect net neutrality.

  • President Obama: "Will you commit to finish what you started with OFA?"

    If you're not done fighting for change, add your name.

    "Two years: That's all the time I have left as your president.

    I know what I'm going to be fighting for until I leave this office.

    And the work you do now with OFA -- whatever it is that you choose to fight for -- will define what we can achieve together in that time."

    The President's message to OFA:

  • One thing I hope you didn't miss in Tuesday's results

    Voters across the country took a decisive stand on raising the minimum wage.

    Americans in Arkansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois, and Alaska all took a decisive stand on raising the minimum wage.

    In every state where voters were asked about raising the minimum wage, they stood overwhelmingly in support.

    The fight for change has never been easy—that's not news to any of us. But this work matters, and what we do now has never mattered more.

  • Say you'll do your part for Obamacare

    Say you'll do your part for Obamacare

    It's all hands on deck starting November 15th.

    The other side is good at scaring people about Obamacare. And they've shown they're willing to spend millions to convince people not to sign up.

    That's what we're up against when the health insurance marketplace opens again on November 15th. It'll be all hands on deck to spread the truth and help people get covered. Are you on board to fight back?

  • We made history, but we're not stopping there

    I have one question for you: Are you in?

    Thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers across the country, 10 million people gained health coverage during the marketplace’s first annual open enrollment period—including my daughter.

  • Say what?

    Open enrollment for Obamacare is happening again? It sure is, and here's why it's important.

  • A tipping point

    This is one really easy thing you can do today for Obamacare.

    We're not asking for all your free time on this—just that you say you'll do some small part to spread the word, or help a friend or neighbor find out how to get the coverage they need.

  • Why Google stopped supporting ALEC

    This is the type of change that happens when ordinary Americans raise their voices.

    Several companies have now taken action, after hundreds of thousands of Americans called on them to end their affiliation with ALEC.