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Discriminatory policies do not represent American values 



In one of its first moves after taking office, the new administration issued an executive order that halted the U.S. refugee program and suspended citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the country. This was done under the guise of bolstering our national security, but the truth is, it only makes us less safe. Beyond playing right into the narrative of terrorists who want people to believe the United States is at war with Islam, the order is a betrayal of the values this country has always held most dear.


Instituting these kind of discriminatory policies that target people based on their religion, and turning our backs on people desperately seeking refuge is simply un-American. We know that the United States' diversity, tolerance, and commitment religious freedom makes us stronger, not weaker.


We must continue to stand together to make our voices heard—add your name if you agree that this executive order doesn't represent American values.

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If you have a story about our broken immigration system and the need for reform, please take a moment to tell us your story.

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Claudia N.

Houston, TX

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