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Restoring Representation to the House

It’s hard to overstate how much is at stake this November. In key House races across the country, we have an opportunity to replace members who have worked against the will and well-being of their constituents with leaders who will actually fight for the people they represent.

Our target districts below have been represented by elected officials who have consistently advanced policies that favor the wealthy and the well-connected at the expense of hard-working American families. This includes incessant efforts to sabotage Americans’ health care, a massive tax scam that rewards billionaires while raising taxes on millions in the middle class, and a failure to take meaningful action to protect DREAMers, take action on climate change, or reduce gun violence.

It’s time to elect leaders who will reject cynical partisan politics, stand up to special interests, and give a true voice to their constituents. OFA volunteers are rolling up their sleeves and organizing to make it a reality.

Target Congressional Districts

AZ-02  /  CA-04  /  CA-10  /  CA-21  /  CA-25  /  CA-39  /  CA-45  /  CA-48   

CA-49  /  CO-06  /  IA-01  /  IL-06  /  KS-03  /  MN-02  /  MN-03  /  MO-02   

NC-09  /  NC-13  /  NJ-11  /  NY-11  /  PA-01  /  PA-06  /  PA-07  /  TX-07  

TX-23  /  TX-32  /  WI-01


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