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Ballot Measures

OFA has a long history of engaging on the issues that matter most to American families—from expanding access to affordable health care, to increasing economic opportunity and fairness for all.

That advocacy has often entailed amplifying the voices of the American people to hold Congress accountable as they shape federal policy. But this November, millions of voters around the country have the opportunity to enact progress directly at the ballot box by passing key statewide initiatives into law. OFA is supporting a wide range of these important initiatives that address many of the core issues we’ve been fighting on for years.

The ballot measures OFA is supporting include Medicaid expansion; common-sense legislation to curtail gun violence; bolstering voting rights; innovative efforts to combat climate change; criminal justice reform; and a slew of initiatives designed to fight partisan gerrymandering. Already over the past year, OFA has worked alongside partners on two key measures that voters passed overwhelmingly—expanding Medicaid in Maine last fall, and redistricting reform in Ohio this past May.

Learn more about specific ballot measures OFA is supporting below:



Yes on Proposition 127—Requiring Arizona utility companies to gradually transition to 50% renewable fuel sources by 2030. Arizonans—not utility companies—should control their energy future. This measure will gradually increase the amount of energy that Arizona’s utilities get from renewable resources, creating thousands of good-paying jobs that can’t be outsourced, improving air quality and health by reducing pollution from dirty fossil fuels, fighting climate change, and allowing Arizona to finally take advantage of its position as a source of almost unlimited cheap, clean, solar energy.

Yes on Y & Z—Establishing 12-person independent redistricting commissions to draw congressional (Y) and state legislative (Z) maps in Colorado. With the 2020 Census approaching and rapid population growth set to deliver Colorado an eighth congressional district, now is the time to take action on fair maps in Colorado. Amendments Y and Z will prevent gerrymandering by establishing non-partisan, independent redistricting commissions. Those commissions will abide by vigorous ethical and transparency guidelines as they draw fair and competitive congressional and legislative districts that guarantee equal representation for all Colorado voters. The General Assembly unanimously supported these measures (100-0) in referring them to the voters, and bipartisan advocates have said the reforms will make Colorado the national model for fair and competitive elections.

Yes on 4—Restoring voting rights for Floridians with prior convictions who have served their time. Right now, approximately 1.4 million Floridians are being wrongfully disenfranchised as the result of Florida’s unjust voting laws. These citizens with prior convictions have paid their full debt to society, including completion of all parole and probation time, but if they have a felony conviction they are still permanently denied their right to vote unless an unaccountable state clemency board chooses to restore them. The law disproportionately punishes minority voters. Amendment 4 is an important step towards remedying this injustice, giving Floridians the opportunity to overturn this lifetime ban on voting for citizens who have earned the opportunity to participate in and give back to their communities. Floridians believe in Second Chances and have the chance to make sure state law reflects this, but it’s critical that everyone step up because the amendment has a 60% threshold for passage.

Yes on Proposition 2—Expanding Medicaid in Idaho. Idahoans are tired of politicians playing politics with people’s lives. Tens of thousands of Idahoans currently have no access to quality, affordable healthcare because they fall in the healthcare coverage gap, making too much to be covered by Medicaid but too little to be eligible for financial assistance through the state’s health insurance exchange. Proposition 2 is a grassroots, Idahoan-led initiative that would help close this coverage gap, bringing taxpayer dollars home to Idaho to expand Medicaid. This would extend coverage to 62,000 Idahoans, reduce taxes on property owners and businesses, and create jobs and a healthier workforce. Idahoans from across the political spectrum have come together to support this common-sense initiative that will improve the lives of so many.

Yes on 2—Establishing a 13-member independent redistricting commission to draw congressional and state legislative maps in Michigan. Proposal 2 will take an essential first step towards fixing Michigan’s rigged congressional and state legislative maps and ensuring that voters choose their politicians -- not the other way around. This ballot measure would bring the redistricting process out from behind closed doors and prevent partisan politicians and lobbyists from drawing district lines to directly benefit themselves. Instead, a transparent, nonpartisan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission would be in charge of drawing district lines under a strict set of criteria designed to ensure fairness and equal representation.

Yes on 1—Reforming Missouri’s lobbying laws, campaign finance limits, transparency guidelines, and redistricting process. Missourians have the right to a transparent and accountable government that puts the people of Missouri before special interests, wealthy donors, and partisan politics. Clean Missouri’s ballot initiative would make this a reality by eliminating nearly all lobbyist gifts in the state legislature, instating a two-year waiting period for legislators wanting to become lobbyists, lowering campaign contribution limits for state legislative candidates to eliminate the influence of big money and lobbyists in state government, requiring the state House and Senate to follow open records laws, and ensuring no party is given an unfair advantage when new state legislative maps are redrawn after the next census.

Yes on Initiative 427—Expanding Medicaid in Nebraska. Nebraskans have the right to choose a healthier future for their family, friends and neighbors. Insure the Good Life’s Initiative 427 will give Nebraskans a voice in bringing Medicaid expansion to Nebraska. This ballot measure would extend coverage to at least 90,000 vulnerable Nebraskans with low incomes -- over two-thirds of whom are workers who don’t have access to care through their employers -- allowing them to get the health care and peace of mind that everyone deserves.

Yes on 6—Requiring Nevada utility companies to gradually transition to 50% renewable fuel sources by 2030. Every Nevadan has the right to clean air, clean water, and a growing clean energy industry that supports all kinds of jobs, from engineers to installers, factory workers to office workers. That’s why Nevadans for a Clean Energy Future has introduced a ballot measure which would guarantee that at least 50 percent of Nevada’s electricity would come from renewable sources like wind, solar, and geothermal by the year 2030. Passing this measure would reduce harmful pollution, protect Nevada’s air and water, cut energy costs, and stimulate a clean energy boom in the state.

Yes on Issue 1—Reforming criminal justice policies for non-violent offenders in Ohio. A wide-ranging coalition of Ohioan community, faith, law enforcement, and business groups have come together to support Issue 1. This ballot measure will effectively reduce prison crowding and offer justice to so many Ohioans who have been serving unreasonably long sentences for nonviolent crimes by requiring misdemeanors instead of felonies for the lowest-level, nonviolent drug possession offenses -- and it will work retroactively. It would save taxpayer dollars and reallocate the prison budget savings to a balanced public safety approach that reduces recidivism and invests in communities through local drug treatment programs and victim services.

Yes on Proposition 3—Expanding Medicaid in Utah. In 2016, the uninsured rate for low-income Utahns was almost double the national average, at 16.8 percent. Proposition 3 allows Utah voters to take control of their health care system. The ballot measure would bring nearly $800 million in taxpayer dollars back from Washington each year to help pay for a Medicaid expansion that would extend coverage to 150,000 Utahns. In addition to ensuring Medicaid and Utah’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for tens of thousands of Utah’s most vulnerable citizens, studies have indicated that the measure would create 14,000 jobs, and generate $1.7 billion in new economic activity in the state.

Yes on Proposition 4—Establishing a seven-member independent redistricting commission in Utah. Gerrymandering can have the effect of distorting the voting power of Utahns, undermining equal representation and diminishing their ability to hold elected officials accountable. Proposition 4 will strengthen Utah’s redistricting system and prevent partisan politicians from drawing district lines that serve their own gains and those of special interests. Instead, it would create an independent citizens’ redistricting commission and establish new rules to govern the process by which maps are drawn.

Yes on 1631—Establishing a carbon fee on Washington state’s largest polluters. Initiative 1631 will invest in Washington’s clean energy future by putting a fee on the state’s largest polluters - like the oil industry and utility companies that have failed to incorporate renewable resources into their portfolios. This ballot measure would invest the money it generates to help create 40,000 good-paying new jobs in clean energy infrastructure, forest health, and manufacturing, and sets aside funding to provide support for any workers who may face challenges during this transition period. Importantly, a significant portion of these funds will be directed to the communities that have been most adversely affected by pollution in the state. All investments will be overseen by a public board to ensure that big energy companies and special interests aren’t making decisions about Washington’s future. This measure is supported by a diverse coalition of over 250 organizations who have come together around this practical solution to a healthier Washington for the next generation.

Yes on 1639—Establishing comprehensive gun violence prevention in Washington. Initiative 1639 - a ballot measure based on the best available data on gun violence and some of the most effective gun laws in other states - is designed to help prevent the kinds of gun violence that are all too common in Washington. By raising the minimum purchase age to 21 for all semi-automatic assault rifles, creating enhanced background checks for these particularly dangerous weapons, incentivizing secure storage practices, and ensuring gun buyers are aware of the risks associated with firearms, the initiative answers Washingtonians’ demand for safer schools and safer communities, allowing the state to continue the progress it has made towards preventing gun violence over the past years.


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