More than 1.8 million people took action with OFA in 2017.

Everyone has an important role to play in this fight. Whether you’re an experienced community leader or brand new to organizing, your voice matters—and you can have an impact on the issues and in your own community. Change depends on people like you stepping up, speaking out, and taking action.

We know this work is hard and we won’t see success overnight, but we’re not here for the easy fights—we’re here to build a better future. That’s why we’re devoted to growing this movement from the bottom up, community by community, one person at a time.

Building support for an issue in your community begins with you. Get started on your own, and then get your friends and family involved—it's easier than you might think.

There are a lot of ways to take action, no matter how much time you have. Check out some of the options below and get started today.

Take action today

If you have five minutes

There's a lot you can do in five minutes, like call your member of Congress, share articles, stay up-to-date on Connect, and start a conversation with your family or friends.

If you have a couple hours

Watch a documentary film, check out an online training, write a letter to the editor, or attend an event near you.

If you have more time

Plan a community service event to bring your neighborhood together, host a documentary screening, or put together a discussion panel.

Make sure you’re plugged into the fight for lasting change.

Don’t miss a beat—stay up-to-date on OFA issues, programs, and events.

Upcoming events

Find an OFA chapter near you

Ready to start organizing? OFA volunteers are building chapters across the country and working toward making a local impact. Let us know you’re interested through the link below and we'll get you plugged into efforts happening right now.