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  • Jewish Americans for Obama

    I am an enormous supporter of President Obama and I volunteer full-time for his grassroots re-election campaign. He has made so much pro

  • Two Birds. One Stone

    The Obama 2012 campaign is a sophisticated and intricate political campaign, with many different parts working simultaneously. The tech

  • We're Always Open

    I first came in the week before Halloween. Granted I’d wanted to volunteer with the Obama campaign for some time, but I had no idea how

  • I Can't Wait To Give Back

    Earlier this month, folks across the country marked one year until the 2012 election by attending Day of Action events. Eddie went to th

  • We Can't Wait to Create Jobs

    Jara (right) with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz at a Women for Obama event in Oakland. I work multiple jobs to pay my bills. If

  • California Weekend of Action

    Our neighbors in Nevada will have their Democratic caucuses in just a couple of months. They're among the first in the nation -- and the

  • Because of You

    The aide next to me motioned me forward and announced, “Mr. President, this is Juan Penalosa.” The President of the United States of Am

  • Thank You

    Although I’ve only volunteered with Obama for America for about a month and a half, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of great pe

  • My Weekend in Las Vegas

    A few weeks ago, I joined Obama for America - California volunteers for a trip to register voters in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was my first

  • Photo of the Day

    Peter, the regional fall fellow in Southern California, stopped by a phone bank in Los Angeles organized by two of his fall fellows, Cai

  • @CaitlinGallogly

    @OFA_CA volunteer Andy had never made calls, but he was soon a pro! #FallFellows11#Obama2012