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Fired up and spreading the word about Obamacare

Keep up with the OFA Obamacare Summit.

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  • A preview of the OFA Obamacare Summit

    President Obama joins OFA and other progressive organizations to talk about the Affordable Care Act.

    OFA's Obamacare Summit kicks off today, and partner organizations are excited about making the law a success.

  • President Obama: "Providing people with health care—that should be a no-brainer”

    Speaking in Massachusetts, President Obama made it clear that no one is losing access to health insurance.

    Like Obamacare, Massachusetts health reform law had its hiccups upon implementation. There were technical issues. There was a slow start to enrollment. In fact, only 123 people signed up in the first month. But the kinks were eventually smoothed out, and today there is nearly universal coverage in Massachusetts—and the vast majority of Bay Staters are happy with their insurance plans.

  • One year after Hurricane Sandy

    Remembering the devastation brought on a year ago, and the role climate change played.

    OFA organized events across the country to recognize the connection between climate change and natural disasters.

  • Texas court takes important step to protect women's rights

    A federal judge has struck down part of a Texas law restricting women's access to reproductive health care.

    On Monday a federal judge in Texas struck down parts of a restrictive Texas law—the same law that state senator Wendy Davis filibustered against for more than 11 hours in an attempt to stop its passage. But the court ruling was only one step in the right direction.

  • OFA rallies in support of ENDA

    See tweets and photos from OFA's fight to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

    Did you know that there is no federal law that protects LGBT individuals from employment discrimination? OFA supporters are working to change that.

  • Hawaii's chance for equality

    It's an exciting time in Hawaii, and OFA supporters are part of the movement to bring the freedom to marry to their state.

    The Hawaii state legislature has convened a special session to consider bringing marriage equality to Hawaii. OFA Hawaii is on the ground to let their representatives know that the Aloha State deserves equality.

  • Truth Team: How Obamacare is helping young people

    Nearly 90% of young adults may receive some financial assistance thanks to the law.

    There are 17 million uninsured young Americans who now have the opportunity to get affordable health insurance thanks to Obamacare. Almost 90% of those youngpeople could get some form of financial assistance for getting covered.

  • "Give me your tired, your poor, 
your huddled masses."

    Actor Jonathan Del Arco was 10 years old when his father brought him to America.

    This month Republicans and Democrats united to reopen the government and prevent the country from defaulting. That gives me hope that they will stand strong together now to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the House of Representatives.

  • Stand up for LGBT Americans

    No one should be fired for being gay or transgender.

    Polling shows that a clear majority of Americans—Republicans and Democrats—support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers from being fired for who they are. Here's a look at the 29 states where there are no state laws protecting gay Americans from being fired for who they are.

  • Illinois rallies for marriage equality

    Thousands join the call for equality in the Land of Lincoln.

    See tweets and photos from the march on Springfield, as supporters call on the Illinois House to bring marriage equality to a vote.

  • Detroit stands with women

    OFA-MI launches a local Stand with Women program.

    Supporters joined community leaders in Detroit's Eastern Market neighborhood to join the local fight to protect women's rights.

  • Fighting to advance immigration reform

    Volunteers make it clear to the House of Representatives: It's time to take action.

    OFA supporters were out in their communities to make sure Congress hears its constituents and passes immigration reform.