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Hundreds of OFA supporters attend the National Organizing Summit

Organizers from across the country gathered to prepare for the final one-month push for health care enrollment.

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  • Senator Kirk gets an earful on Facebook

    Supporters of renewing unemployment insurance took to the senator's Facebook page to express their disappointment at his vote.

    Check out some of the comments that Senator Kirk's constituents left on his page.

  • What humans and polar bears have in common

    On International Polar Bear Day, here are some ways to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

    With melting ice and rising sea levels, climate change is a real danger to all kinds of habitats.

  • Get ready, OFA: #ActionSummit starts Tuesday

    President Obama will speak to volunteers from across the country about organizing--and the work left to do on health care reform.

    Grassroots leaders, volunteers, and OFA founders will be joined by President Obama to discuss organizing and how to keep making change happen.

  • A victory for marriage equality in Nevada

    State government officials declared Nevada's anti-gay marriage laws "no longer defensible."

    Nevada’s move is the latest domino to fall as courts around the country continue to rule that anti-same sex marriage legislation is unconstitutional and cannot be supported.

  • It's time to give America a raise

    This is how you start a conversation.

    Volunteers across the country hit the streets to highlight the need to raise the minimum wage and create an economy that works for everyone.

  • The cost of inaction is just too high

    Volunteers mobilize to pressure key House members on immigration reform.

    Some members of the House think they can get away with ignoring the need for immigration reform. OFA volunteers are mobilizing to remind them that doing so has a real cost.

  • OFA-Illinois to Sen. Kirk: Don't leave Americans out in the cold

    Senator Mark Kirk broke his promise to restore unemployment insurance benefits.

    Senator Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) went back on his word when he voted against reinstating unemployment insurance benefits for long-term unemployed Americans. Now, OFA is letting him know that he made the wrong choice for Americans—and for Illinoisans.

  • The next generation of progressive organizers is here

    OFA's 2014 Spring Fellows program kicked off last weekend.

    More than 1,700 people were accepted to take part in the the OFA Spring Fellows program. For the next three months, they'll recruit volunteers, plan local events, coordinate issue campaigns—and then use all of that hands-on experience to change the world.

  • No drama this time: Congress agreed to pay the bills

    President Obama and the American people have sent a clear message: You don't get a ransom for doing your job.

    The games some members of Congress played in October—shutting down our government and threatening default over a list of partisan demands—are not being repeated this time. Americans spoke their mind, and Speaker Boehner got the message.

  • Addressing sexual violence on campus

    President Obama recently created a task force to address sexual assault on college campuses. Read why this is a huge step forward for young men and women.

    President Obama is redoubling efforts in 2014 to address sexual assault—specifically those that occur on college campuses. Read more, and then say you Stand with Women.

  • In my eyes, Obamacare literally saved my life

    I was able to stay on my parents insurance to get the care I needed.

    I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2011, when I was 23 years old. Luckily, the Obamacare provision that allows children to stay on their parents insurance until they turn 26 had gone into effect one month before I would have aged off my parents' insurance—and two months before I was diagnosed.