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News Entries in nv

  • Tweet of the Day

    This weekend is a big Weekend of Action across the state. Help us register voters in your community, find an event near now and join us

  • Thank you, Idina Menzel

    Last weekend, renowned singer, actress and songwriter Idina Menzel performed in Las Vegas. Before her show, she took some time to thank

  • Tweet of the Day

    @OFA_NV has another pet for Obama. We love Sassy! #NoHendo…— Samantha Steelman(@Samsteelman) June 12, 2012

  • Tweet of the Day

    We love our volunteers. @OFA_VA volunteer @avarsmith sent former student link to #dashboard- she found her neighborhood team and saw @Ba

  • Tweet of the Day

    Finished a long first day as summer organizer for @OFA_NV and still #firedup and #readytogo.— Danny Zhang (@DannyyZhangg) June 5, 2012

  • #SinceMittsBeenGone

    Update: When Romney Economics hit Stage Stores, multiple locations closed here in Nevada and multiple communities lost jobs. Check out t

  • It’s about those moments

    For me it happened in 1969. I was in 4th grade and my mom hung a "Give Peace a Chance" banner in our window at home. In school at the

  • #DontDoubleMyRate

    If Congress doesn't act soon, interest rates on student loans will double. Grab this Twitter avatar and tell Congress #DontDoubleMyRate.

  • Picture of the Day

    All weekend we're holding Grassroots Academies all across the state to help volunteers get involved and start organizing in their commun

  • Tweet of the Day

    Serious talk about how they are going to get President Obama & other Dems Re-Elected!…— Lloyd M. Talley (@Llo

  • Tweet of the Day

    @MayaHutch is in for #Obama2012 b/c women are more than an interest group!…— Tyson Megown (@TMegown) May 18,