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What President Obama just told the world about climate change

We can be a global leader on climate change. Will you fight for it?

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  • Californians fought for clean energy choices—and won

    This is what happened when the other side tried to hamper local efforts to combat climate change.

    This summer, the California State Assembly considered a measure that would have gutted community choice legislation, creating roadblocks to cities and counties that want to do the right thing on climate change by switching to clean energy. That's when supporters in California swung into action.

  • This is about our drinking water

    Really, it's hard to believe anyone could oppose this.

    The Clean Water Act has protected our natural resources, and kept drinking water safe for decades. But—believe it or not—some people actually oppose these common-sense protections, and have spent years and millions of dollars fighting to weaken them.

  • Climate change gives rise to tough times

    Ranching and farming livelihoods are being thrown into instability, insecurity, and uncertainty.

    I wonder if my family farm would have survived for 42 years if today's conditions had existed back then. Ranching has always been a tough job, but these new conditions have made it even more difficult. Ranching has never been a way to make a lot of money even in the best-case scenario, but now it is simply unsustainable.

  • Your name belongs on this

    Want to expand economic opportunity? Go on the record.

    When you go on the record, your support will be listed alongside hundreds of thousands of OFA supporters —that way you, your members of Congress, and anyone with an internet connection can see that you stand for economic opportunity.

  • Add your name—refuse to be cynical

    President Obama put it this way: "Cynicism is a choice—and hope is a better choice."

    It's easy to get discouraged about our chances of making progress. After all, this has been the least productive Congress in modern history, thanks to some extreme voices in the House who seek gridlock.Today, in spite of that, I'm asking you not to be cynical—because that only makes those voices stronger.

  • A little perspective (and a free gift)

    So where should we send this sticker?

    The other day, someone came up to me and said, "Remember Sarah Palin's death panels?"

    Five years ago, some folks were saying our chances of passing health care reform were destroyed—except that isn't what happened at all. When Washington insiders decided the fight was over, people like you refused to believe it, and kept on organizing.

  • Affordable care for the self-employed

    Access to a quality health insurance plan has helped my business grow.

    When the MRI showed the anomaly in my brain, health insurance companies didn’t care that it was benign. They used the irregular MRI as a reason to deny me coverage. For the past few years, I’ve been self-employed, and I've felt like I always had to fend for myself. But now for the first time, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I feel like I'm on a level playing field with my friends who work at large companies. My irregular MRI is no longer an obstacle I have to overcome to get coverage I can afford.

  • Standing up for action on climate change

    OFA supporters spoke up at EPA listening sessions across the country.

    Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. The best science out there is clear that it's already affecting us—but we have the power to fight it.