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  • One Story at a Time

    When people from different stages of life come together to work for a common goal the outcome is successful. Last week, I sat down with

  • Because of You

    OFA-CA Regional Field Organizer, Lisa C., earned the 2nd place title in the national grassroots fundraising challenge, winning a persona

  • LIsaforObama1012011

    Crazy awesome #obama2012 phone bank today at the Grove. We CRUSHED our goals! @OFA_CA @JuanPenalosa @CaitlinGallogly

  • 1 Step Back, 2 Steps Forward

    Being a Fall Fellow in Los Angeles has one small challenge – daily schedules change quickly and often, so potential volunteers might not

  • Everyone Can Help

    I don’t have the traditional role of an Obama campaign volunteer. While most volunteers are making phone calls and having one-on-one mee

  • Proud to be an American

    I am proud to say that I registered to become a Democrat within thirty minutes of being eligible to vote. No, I didn’t become a Democrat

  • What I Do Matters

    It’s ninety-one degrees, I’m in a Las Vegas suburb that doesn’t have much shade, and I just walked six blocks in the wrong direction. I’

  • #ImIn. All In.

    I used to be the person that never took big risks or fully committed to an idea. This campaign has changed me. I have supported Barack O

  • KonstantinHatch9202011

    Thanks to all those that fought with @BarackObama to make #DADT Repeal possible. This is your day and we celebrate you. #Obama2012 @ofa_

  • From Los Angeles to Oakland

    For every season there is a purpose, and my summer season was filled with purpose. As a Summer Organizer, I registered voters in Las Veg

  • Coming Full Circle

    Three months ago, I graduated from college. I immediately got to work as a full time summer organizer for President Obama. Sure, I was a

  • Calling All Mothers

    I finished my Fall Fellows training last Saturday and was excited to hit the ground running organizing this week. Of course, as those of

  • No Longer a Victim

    I’ve been a teacher nearly thirty-three years, and a college instructor for 21 years. I’ve taught everything from English as a second la