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  • President Obama: People want an agenda that moves us all forward

    "As long as there's time on the clock, I'll be doing everything I can."

    Americans are tired of the political back and forth. It's important to stand up for policies that work for everyone.

    During his sixth State of the Union address, President Obama laid out a vision for America that strengthens the middle class and ensures that our economy works for everyone—not just a few.

    Read the message from the President:

  • Play along with Climate Denier Bingo

    During tonight's State of the Union address, see how many of these top climate change deniers you can spot in the audience.

    We’ve put together a game to play during tonight's State of the Union address. Download these #SpotTheDenier bingo cards, and while you watch the President's speech, see if you can pick out some of Congress’ most notorious climate change deniers.

    Download your card here:

  • Tonight: The State of the Union

    President Obama will address the nation with his agenda for 2015.

    Tonight, the President will lay out his priorities for the year ahead -- outlining policies to strengthen the middle class and make sure our recovering economy is working for all Americans.

    But he's not the only one who's been laying out an agenda for the country. The new Congress has been in session for just two weeks, and in that time, Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell have been busy:

  • For millions of Americans, 2015 just started with good news

    In 20 states, a minimum wage increase just took effect.

    On January 1st, millions of hard-working Americans got a much-deserved raise, when minimum wage increases went into effect in 20 states. And several big cities and the District of Columbia will join them later this year.

    This progress is the result of hard-fought battles. Without the dedicated work of grassroots organizers across the country, we wouldn't be celebrating this news today.

  • President Obama: What's at the top of your agenda?

    Tell OFA what you're going to fight for in 2015.

    As we look ahead to next year, what's the number one thing you want to fight for?

    President Obama sent a message to OFA supporters this week asking folks to answer this one-question survey.

    Read the message from the President, then tell OFA what you're going to fight for in 2015.

  • These folks are why we can win on climate

    Fired-up volunteers gathered for an advanced climate leaders training.

    Over the first weekend in December, some of the most passionate organizers in the progressive movement from all over the country gathered at OFA headquarters for an advanced climate leaders training.

    Over 60 volunteers participated in the in-depth training, covering topics like strategic planning, coalition building, and digital organizing. All these skills will help volunteers build and execute a strategy to help change the conversation on climate.

  • This is worth investing in

    This is worth investing in

    More than half a million people own a piece of what we're building.

    The holiday season is an amazing time to see people at their best. The kindness of people coming together and generosity toward others sets December apart.

    It's a time to chip in and support a great cause too. So many great groups across the country are worth your time and money—I hope you consider OFA among them. Take a moment to invest in this grassroots movement—chip in whatever you can today.

  • Building the next generation of progressive organizers

    The OFA Fellows program creates leaders and difference-makers.

    Looking for a way to take the next step in the fight for progress?

    The OFA Fellows program is building the next generation of progressive organizers, providing individuals with the opportunity to gain new organizing skills and bring positive change to their local communities.

  • The House's vote on immigration

    The House's vote on immigration

    Tell House leadership to put an end to payback politics.

    The House voted on immigration on Thursday. But it wasn't on an effort to reform our broken system. Nope. Instead, House leaders held a vote that would make our broken immigration system worse.

  • Pass. A. Bill.

    I’m glad the President refused to wait any longer.

    The other side is talking about lawsuits, pledging to delay presidential nominations, and even threatening to shut down the government again.
    All because President Obama took executive action to help fix our broken immigration system.

  • What President Obama will tell the nation tonight

    If you agree that this is a time for action to fix our broken immigration system, add your name.

    Get ready: President Obama is addressing the nation tonight about the actions he's taking to help fix our broken immigration system.

    That's exactly what he said he would do—to take action within his authority as president where Congress has refused to act.

  • Now accepting: 2015 Spring Fellowship applications

    Now accepting: 2015 Spring Fellowship applications

    If you know a current or future community organizer, tell them to apply.

    The OFA Fellowship Program is all about giving organizers at all experience levels the tools needed to go out and make a difference in their communities.

    Whether you're a seasoned organizer or just getting your feet wet, this fellowship will make you better at what you do—guaranteed.

  • ICYMI: Obamacare enrollment is back!

    The health care marketplace is open again for all Americans.

    It's here! The health insurance marketplace is open once again for all Americans looking to get covered.

    Millions of Americans still need to get health insurance—they need to hear about this opportunity right now. So we're calling in Team Obamacare.

    Make sure everyone in your life knows the health care marketplace is open again for all Americans.