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How OFA Volunteers Take Action

Across the country, OFA volunteers are fighting for the issues we believe in.


On the ground, grassroots action is focused around training and empowering people to work together to build chapters—structured groups of volunteers—and take on leadership roles in their communities in the fight for change.


These volunteers are coming together across the country in lots of ways—from phone-banking with their neighbors to canvassing a popular area in their community with friends. These are just a couple of examples of “on-the-ground” ways we take grassroots action. 

It adds up—more than 5 million Americans have taken action with Organizing for Action.




But being part of this movement also means having conversations with family, friends, and neighbors—in person or online, sharing your own story of why you’re involved and inspiring others to get involved, too.  And that adds up—more than 5 million Americans have taken action with Organizing for Action, from calling their local lawmakers about a specific issue to helping raise awareness through social media.


Read about how Patti organized her neighbors to share important information about the benefits of the ACA. Or how Colleen teamed up with a local organization to collect petition signatures for common-sense gun legislation in her state. Some creative volunteers, like Taylor, just wanted to thank leaders in their community for doing the right thing. For more volunteer stories, check out the organizing blog.


And if you're ready to get started, you can find an event happening in your community, or join Connect, OFA’s online organizing tool, and get started now.

It all starts with a conversation—start yours here.

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