Today Is Giving Tuesday: How Will You Give? #GivingTuesday #nonprofits

Connections. They’re important to everyone. No one wants to travel the road alone and in our internet age, we’re given thousands of different ways to connect with others, all across the world, every single day.

But what is missing? Are these internet connections as beneficial to us as real, in-person connections can be?

At The Mommies Network, we think that you need both! Its great to have online connections — to be able to get advice or support 24 hours a day.

But nothing beats a real-life hug when you’re feeling down or are dealing with a crisis. Real friends, the ones who can stand in front of you, give you a hug, help you when you’re sick, meet you at the coffee shop for a talk — these friends can get you through anything!

At The Mommies Network, we’ve been connecting moms together for over 10 years. Thousands and thousands of moms and their children have benefited from our chapters. Each year, we see new friendships born and moms being strengthened and supported by their chapter network.

This year, on Giving Tuesday, we ask that you give back to the network that has made a real difference in your life. Look around you — how did you build your circle of friends? Did your TMN chapter help you to become connected and find true friends who support you and care for you, through thick and thin?

For just a small investment, you can ensure that new moms continue to have the benefits of The Mommies Network in their community. Your donations help us to keep our network running, provide new programs for our moms and open new chapters so that new moms have the same chance for support that you have had!

Please support The Mommies Network this year and help other moms have the benefits of local friendship and support that you have had — donate today and help us keep The Mommies Network strong for years to come!

If you would like to help with a donation of less than $10 please visit our TMN website HERE

Please visit our Razoo page HERE (link is external)

Giving back is not just about donations of money, your time is also a great way to give back, we have many open postions thru-out the organization right now on the national, leadership and chapter level. What might you like to do? Do you have a special skill set? Do you have a passion for something, ideas that you would love to share? Our doors are alway open and we love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Please feel free to email any member of the senior leadership team or Heather anytime.

Thank you in advance for your kindness #givingTuesday 2015, we are looking forward to a great new year upcoming in 2016

The leadership team of The Mommies Network~~