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Instead of standing up for hard-working families in the 23rd district, Rep. Will Hurd has spent his time in Washington advancing an agenda that favors the wealthy and the well-connected. He has refused to act as a check on some of the most damaging pieces of the Trump administration’s agenda, including voting for policies that hurt the middle-class and could slash critical programs his constituents rely on. At a time when our core values are being tested, Hurd has failed to rise above partisan politics.

Gina Ortiz Jones is a proven leader who will be a powerful voice for the people of the 23rd district. She’s a former Air Force intelligence officer and an Iraq War veteran. Raised in San Antonio by a single mother who immigrated to the United States to provide a better life for daughters, Jones has lived the American Dream—and she’s running for Congress to ensure it’s preserved for future generations. Through humility, hard work, and fierce determination, Gina Ortiz Jones has overcome significant adversity to earn her success, and she believes every American deserves the opportunity to do the same. That’s what she’ll fight for every day in Washington, rejecting politics as usual to put Texas families first.

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We can help elect Gina Ortiz Jones in November, but it won’t happen on its own.

It’ll take people like you stepping up to ensure your neighbors, family, and friends understand what’s at stake in this election, make a plan to vote, and join this fight.

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“She Quit Working For Trump. Now She's Running For Congress To Fight Him. Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones would be the first lesbian, Iraq War vet and Filipina-American to fill a U.S. House seat in Texas.”



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“The area on which the candidates ubiquitously agreed was in their objection to Hurd, whom they attacked for promoting a record of bipartisanship despite voting in line with President Trump on most issues. Hurd votes in accordance with Trump’s position 96.9 percent of the time”



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