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New York's 11th District


For the past two years, Rep. Dan Donovan and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives have been advancing an agenda that favors the wealthy and the well-connected at the expense of hard-working American families.

And New Yorkers were just subject to a long Republican primary that centered on trading personal insults, instead of ways to help the middle-class. The 11th district deserves better than harmful policies and unprincipled politicians. This November, it’s time to elect Max Rose—a proven leader who will focus on fighting for his constituents.

As a decorated U.S. Army veteran who led his platoon in Afghanistan, Max Rose understands the true meaning of service. Now he’s running for Congress so he can serve the hard-working people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn that too often get left behind.

Rose has seen the need for change firsthand: he’s worked at a health care nonprofit, helping families as they struggled to afford the services they needed. He’s been stuck in expressway traffic and stranded waiting for the R-Train as Washington refuses to invest in infrastructure. He’s watched union workers and folks with two jobs pour their hearts out to keep New York and America moving forward—only to watch CEOs and special interests continue to reap all the benefits.

In Congress, Max Rose will fight to change all of that.

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See how Rep. Dan Donovan’s record compares to challenger Max Rose on key issues:

Dan Donovan


Max Rose


We can help elect Max Rose in November, but it won’t happen on it’s own. 

It’ll take people like you stepping up to ensure your neighbors, family, and friends understand what’s at stake in this election, make a plan to vote, and join this fight.

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NY-11 in the News


“The race has spiraled into a smash-mouth contest featuring name-calling, accusations of dirty tricks, lies and dishonesty. Grimm has taken to calling Donovan 'Desperate Dan' or ‘Dishonest Dan.’ Donovan recently released radio ads referring to Grimm as the ‘convict congressman.’"



“[Donovan] has spent the last several months conspicuously attaching himself to Mr. Trump as well, recently introducing legislation that would require the president’s portrait be displayed at every post office in America, and sprinkling even casual conversation with mentions of his ride last year on Air Force One.”



“Local politicians, advocates and family members of a man detained by ICE last week after delivering pizza to a military base in New York gathered Wednesday to support the Ecuadorian father… ‘This is just more insanity. Liberal activists are attacking ICE agents and military personnel for following the law in detaining an immigrant reportedly here illegally,’ Donovan said.”