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California's 49th District


For the past two years, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has been advancing an agenda that favors the wealthy and the well-connected at the expense of hard-working American families. They’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder with President Trump instead of standing up for the values this country was built on.

The midterms offer an opportunity to reject that path, and elect leaders who will actually fight for their constituents on the issues that matter most—leaders like Mike Levin.

Mike Levin is running for Congress to stand up for the hard-working families of the 49th District. Levin will build on his decade of experience in the clean energy industry to combat climate change and fight back against any efforts that undermine our health, safety, and economic security. At a time when our core values are being tested, Mike Levin will hold Washington accountable and reject cynical partisan politics that divide our country.

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See how Mike Levin's stances on key issues compare to the Republican-Controlled House:

Republican-Controlled House


Mike Levin

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We can help elect Mike Levin in November, but it won’t happen on its own.

It’ll take people like you stepping up to ensure your neighbors, family, and friends understand what’s at stake in this election, make a plan to vote, and join this fight.

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CA-49 in the News


“President Donald Trump’s agenda hasn’t been kind to blue states. And it’s been particularly rough on California [...] after months spent trying to repeal Obamacare, ceding the immigration debate to hardliners, and passing a tax bill that disadvantages more high-tax states, [California’s 14 Republican members of the House]  have a lot to defend.”



“For about 65 weeks, primarily North County residents reeling over the election of President Donald Trump and frustrated with Issa’s support of Trump vented their outrage at the weekly rallies.  There they decried Republican efforts to end the Affordable Care Act, dismantle environmental regulations and build a border wall...”



“The GOP-controlled House voted along party lines on Wednesday to pass legislation that would require states to recognize concealed carry permits from all other states regardless of a state’s permitting standards. [...] Allowing concealed carry permits to be valid across state lines has long been a National Rifle Assn. priority.”