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Rep. Jeff Denham hasn’t looked out for the people of California’s 10th District. Instead he’s spent his time in Washington advancing an agenda that is out-of-touch with the values of his constituents. He’s lent his support to some of the most damaging pieces of the Trump administration’s agenda, including voting for legislation that hurts thousands of residents in his own district and passing laws that put wealthy corporations before California communities.

The midterms offer an opportunity for CA-10 voters to reject that path and elect a leader who will actually fight for their constituents on the issues that matter most—a leader like Josh Harder.

Josh Harder is a 5th-generation resident of California’s Central Valley, and he won’t forget it when he gets to Capitol Hill—he’ll always put the hard-working families of the 10th District first. Harder has outlined an ambitious agenda to revitalize the region. He knows that by investing in education, training, and infrastructure, we can boost local farms and businesses, bringing good-paying jobs to the Central Valley. He’ll work across the aisle to generate real solutions, but he won’t be afraid to stand up when President Trump’s actions threaten the values or well-being of the district.

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See how Rep. Jeff Denham’s record compares to challenger Josh Harder on key issues:

Rep. Jeff Denham


Josh Harder


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We can help elect Josh Harder in November, but it won’t happen on its own. 

It’ll take people like you stepping up to ensure your neighbors, family, and friends understand what’s at stake in this election, make a plan to vote, and join this fight.

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CA-10 in the News


“Yet the congressmen rejected a similar move by Democrats on immigration legislation in 2014, and they have sided with Trump on most other measures, including a sweeping tax overhaul, penalties for so-called sanctuary cities that protect immigrants who are in the country illegally and an unpopular effort to abolish the Affordable Care Act.”



"After healthcare vote, California Rep. Jeff Denham hears from angry constituents: 'You voted against me'”



“Around three dozen people gathered on McHenry Avenue Saturday morning to voice their displeasure with the new proposed tax plan [...] Those in attendance hoped their concerns would be heard by local Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock.”