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Stand up for our national monuments—add a comment

Our national monuments, parks, and public lands help define who we are as a nation. Rolling back protections for these monuments would be misguided, and would jeopardize our nation’s irreplaceable historical, cultural, and natural heritage.

By law, the administration has to consider public comments as part of their review of these places. Let them know where you stand by commenting today.


For over a century, presidents from both parties have designated national monuments—like the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon—to preserve our country’s historical, cultural, and natural heritage. National monuments provide economic benefits to the communities surrounding them, have the overwhelming support of the American people, and should be permanently protected. I oppose any effort to revoke or diminish protections for the 27 monuments that are part of this review—including Bears Ears in Utah, which protects thousands of irreplaceable archeological and cultural sites—and I support a recommendation that all of our current national monuments remain preserved.