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Yves: “Phonebanking is easy!”


Are you looking for a way to get involved for the final days of the campaign? There is no better way than to join a GOTV phone bank in your area! As OFA California volunteer Yves Y. will tell you, phone banking is much easier than you think, and it makes all the difference.

Yves has been crushing it during the Get Out the Vote efforts at the OFA-CA San Francisco office. As an emergency room nurse, Yves is no stranger to long hours. But in his downtime, he is in the office making calls. Last Sunday he made calls for 10 straight hours!

Phonebanking is easy, because the information is right there in front of you,” Yves says. “It’s so simple to tell people where they can vote, and when they can vote, but we need to take the first step and reach out.

Yves enjoys speaking with voters in different states, and discussing the issues that matter most to them. As a medical professional, the Affordable Care Act is a key reason that Yves supports the President:

I’m voting for Barack Obama because I know that people need greater access to healthcare. I work in an emergency room, so I see the worst of the worst everyday. So many people come in without insurance. When someone has no access to healthcare, they generally come in curatively, not preventatively. If they can afford preventative care, they can be healthy and take care of themselves.

If you feel strongly about an issue in this election, sign up for a shift during GOTV. Each conversation will have an impact on this election.

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